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Morga director resigned, questioned by Elisa Carrió – 27.11.2018

On the same day, when the Vice-President of the Civic Coalition raised the head of the National Supreme Court Héctor Daniel Marchi, the same officials were defended on Tuesday by five justices of the Supreme Court, signed the acceptance from the resignation of another member of the High Court, whose legislature pointed out in previous criminal proceedings, including Judge Ricardo Lorenzetti.

This is Fernando Trezza, the director of the judge's morphs of medicine, the body which Carrio seriously questioned the alleged neutrality of the members and the probable age of their weapons used to investigate the causes of death, as Carrió quoted in his complaint. It was once Prosecutor Alberto Nismans and young people who were drunk with electronic a music party known as Time Warp.

In accordance with resolution 3545/2018 and in accordance with the law given at the time by the court, Marchi arranged on Monday to "accept the resignation of the director from 1 December this year", according to the text to which the court morgue doctor, Fernando Claudio Trezza, Clarín was available.

In the second paragraph of the short paragraph in March, Trezza also stated that "he has 30 (thirty) working days from the day the duties are completed in order to effectively fulfill the obligation to submit his certificate of succession."

Carrio presented to court chairman Carlos Rosenkrantz with an audit application for Marchi's leadership under the authority of the General Secretariat of the Supreme Court, and was also signed by his teammate Juan Manuel López.

Both claimed to have acted as members of the Political Test Committee of the House of Representatives, and Carrio had dismissed Ricardo Lorenzetti's former court chairman, but on Tuesday a request was rejected as unacceptable as it was learned this afternoon.

It was unknown Trezza's resignation, which was earlier, at the same time as Carrio's request for Marchi. Morgh Medical Director was included in a criminal complaint he filed two and a half months ago Carrió v. Lorenzetti concerning the administration of that institution, which is upheld by the supreme courts.

The new presentation for Carrio Monday against Marchi, Trezza's resignation on the same day and defense at the judge's place on Tuesday on five judges took place due to the failure to pay tax on the profits from the judges and the denunciation of the legislator against Lorenzetti.

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