Sunday , March 26 2023

Monotribute scales increased below inflation and several taxpayers will be excluded


Update Monotributo scales for 2019 it was 28.46%, almost 20 points below the previous year's total inflation, which, according to private estimates, was 48% and whose official data will be announced on Tuesday by Indec. This discrepancy will leave many taxpayers out of this simplified regime and force them to move to a general regimeif they should become responsible for VAT registered.

With the weight movement, taxpayers on the lower scale will be taxed higher if the tax is more expensive. But for those who were already at the highest level, updating the inflation rate scale may lead them to abandon the simplified regime and continue to pay income tax..

"A lower rate than inflation hurts monotributors close to the border, although scales are updated every four months, and inflation distorts the entire tax system, if not properly considered," he explained. César Litvinstudio Lisicki, Litvin & Asociados, tributary and CEO in collaboration with Infobae.

Starting in January, monotributors who are Category K merchandise merchants should not exceed $ 1,726,599.98 per year (gross income) stay in mode. For those related to the service offer, the maximum is $ 1,151,066.58.

"Those who are out of scale are most affected because they lose the benefits of Monotributo. There is still a big problem that is a bridge that has to be put on someone who leaves a simplified regime and is still responsible for the record. It is a leap in the abyss, starts to pay profits, VAT and loses its competitiveness with the rest that remains in the Monotribute, ”said Litvin.

In the case of monotributo, the estimation of the weighting of service providers' scales and the sale of movable items is carried out using a social security mobility factor that takes into account inflation (70%) and index. RIPTE (The average taxable salary of stable employees), t but with a six-month delay.

"RIPTE is the average wage growth in the country ends with inefficient Monotributo update because it does not provide for the movement of inflation and economic activity. There are discrepancies: at a time when salaries exceed inflation, Monotributo increases too much and will not always add to its cost increase. In the context of high inflation, this creates a mismatch that many monotributists exclude from the system, despite the fact that their turnover growth does not match their tax capacity, ”he explained. Ivan Sasovsky, Tax Manager and Head of Sasovsky & Asociados.

From the Argentine Chamber of Medium Businesses (CAME) that retail retailers warn of it this discrepancy is what makes many taxpayers move to unofficial. "It's an issue that has long deteriorated." Many people, especially in the commercial sector, do not violate the general regime and try to stay or inform. It is a stepping stone for informal use"explained Pedro Cascales, press secretary of the chamber.

The Secretary said that this issue has been raised to the AFIP authorities and it is hoped that the Agency will offer some solution for taxpayers they need to switch from one mode to another. They also expressed their concerns at one of the last meetings CAME received with the IMF mission analyzing the Argentinian fiscal situation.

"This system punishes the entrepreneur. Who starts with a small business that starts with Monotributo and if it goes well, is penalized because it has to jump, without intermediate, ”added Cascales.

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