Thursday , January 27 2022

Miramar: A woman reported that it is used near El Durazno camping


One 28-year-old woman in the last hours, condemned that on the morning of Friday morning 11, the neighbor of camping El Durazno de Miramar surprised him with two other people and He abused him on the street.

According to the leasing of police sources, the victim said that last Friday at dawn he got on the bus 11 and Ballester Street, three men were surprised.

Always based on the victim's story, it would have been able to recognize one of the aggressors as a Neighborhood neighbor20 years old with whom he fought and who finally abused herleaving it on the route.

In case Miramar's decentralized UFI intervenes with the prosecutor Alejandra Islandthat after finding out the complaint he organized an image security cameras and various things at the scene.

"I have a complaint but nothing but a complaint against someone near camping El Durazno", he said Infobae Rooms. He added that there are no prisoners at the moment and claimed the facts "they are under investigation, the reason why it is not possible to provide more details".

In addition to the first exaggeration of what happened, he said: "I want to deny the things that came out of some media that were five peoplewhat was inside the campsite and that The car intervened, none of them is real. "

The prosecutor's office is also responsible for investigating events at El Durazno campsite at dawn. New Year, when Five young people from Mar del Plata were accused of rape property.

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