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Military secrets, 70 witnesses and controversy: why there is no accused in ARA San Juan

Caleta Olivia's federal judge's office Marta Janesa, they spent more than that 70 witnesses. Among them is the Minister of Defense, Oscar Aguad and the head of the Argentinean Navy, being in contact with the submarine, was lost, Admiral Marcelo Srur. The first one is still responsible; the second went to retirement.

Most of these witnesses are soldiers who receive their salaries from the Navy, that is, from the Ministry of Defense. Or, in other words, of the two official authorities investigating the disappearance of a warship on 15 November 2017.

Some of them contradicted themselves when they appeared in the Parliamentary Bicentenary Commission who had to study their political responsibilities The greatest tragedy of naval forces in peacetime.

In both places they are forced to tell the truth. But, of course, this did not happen: either in front of a court or in front of parliamentarians, they were lacking in truth. But that it was not investigated.

"It was the murder of 44 people"

"The cause of the year is still described as "crime investigation". This is very serious because it means that the judge did not even encourage it if it was a crime or not. This is also very serious because I understand that there are many tests that allow it to be foreseen ARA San Juan was the crime to disappear. Later, in court, liability will be reviewed, but here were the murderers of 44 people ", for reasons Luis Tagliapietra, lawyer and Alejandro's father, one of the missing staff and one of the three lawsuits.

"It will be necessary to find out whether the murder was illegal or fraudulent, or with a possible violation, for which we must move forward, which the judge did not take. the responsible persons had an absolute knowledge of the country where the submarine was, from the missing board. The rear admirals and masters of the ships responsible for the submarine area, with the experience they have, should have represented the possibility that they sent him to die, "he insists.

His tight voice and harsh words are heard rude. He does not sit at his law firm but on a ship from a North American company Ocean Infinity what For 50 days, they have unsuccessfully sought out submarines submerged in the depths of the Argentine seas.

"We have to list the former fleet manager"

"In July 2018, I already believe that there are enough elements to 44 times condemn repeated killings, with alleged fraud to the Fleet's Admiral Marcelo Srur, the master Claudio Villamide, who was responsible for the Submarine Force Team (COFS) and the Contra-Democrat Luis Enrique López Mazzeo, Training and Conduct Team Leader (COAA), "he said firmly Valerie Carreras, another representative of the complaint.

Attorney, even when talking to Infobaeshe details the evidence of a rosary she considers to be stocked by Judge Janes: "Obviously, they only occupy a seat in their office, because they do not teach them anything, perhaps, that the judge has a political commitment that we do not know," she says. .

Carreras explains that beside his pair Fernando Burlando They delayed the demand for netting because "new evidence emerged directly involving other responsible persons, such as the Intelligence Manager and Arsenals owner," inter alia, "closes the family lawyer.

"Judge Does Not Check Political Responsibilities"

"In the countless years of evidence accumulated, a hundred percent of the Argentine Navy, but failed to achieve the most important thing: to know actually. Official skills were not made because it matches. "

The opinion comes back to Tagliapietra, which today will not leave Mar del Plata's naval base where honor and excellence will be enjoyed by 44 crew members as it is on board.

"In this case, the judge had not yet dared to investigate political responsibilities. The Minister of Defense was not able to say "I did not know", because on January 5, 2017, the report of the General Inspection in which they were described was in his office. all the problems that submarines had to try patrolling and intelligence about foreign fishing vessels and warships in the British Navy, as can be seen from the last action. If the minister does not notify the president –Mauricio Macri– There, political responsibility will end, but Aguad can not say: "I do not know," he says.

– Relatives acting as seafarers on the seabed constructor will take a silent moment as an offer to 44 crew members?he asks Infobae on Tagliapietra

– mention, yes. But We will not give a moment of silence because they are still missing.

This time, the answer was not a plaintiff's lawyer, but also a difficult father who is fighting for something so difficult in Argentina: the court.

"They rode 46, but there were rafts 40"

Twelve months after the last communication with the only operational submarine crew to the state, both the Minister and the Special Commission of the Ministry of Defense, responsible for investigating the details of the ship's dump, seems to be oriented towards the unfair hypothesis that the ship was killed only because of the possible occurrence of any human error by any of the 44 crew members, including the captain Pedro Martín Fernández.

"There is no evidence that ARA San Juan crew members committed any operational errors or procedural errors because everything indicates that they responded the way they were trained and ordered, "he explains. Infobae overseas captain Marcelo Covelli, one of the complaints advisers and a parliamentary bicameral commission.
The expert is forced to analyze the causes and intentions of blaming the dead ", which is always the easiest.

And it lists underwater defects:

"When ARA San Juan sail with 46 crew from Mar del Plata and 44 crew from Ushuaia Port, Their life rafts had a capacity of 40 peoplethis was not due to the fact that they made a "mistake" when calculating the grant, but because they ordered it. "

"When they drove with only 1 out of 2 radiobacks that they had to be, not because they "descended", counting, but because it was the amount that was intended. "

"When they ran a radio signal that did not have final homologation, because he lacked navigation tests, it was not because they made a mistake and they did not manage it, but they were not allowed to do it. "

"When they sail without a pyrotechnic to dip it was not because they made a "mistake" and they did not notice the missing one, but it was because they never provided it. "

Covelli points out to each question the only possible logic that you say, an underwater master follow the best orders.

"In this regard," says a ship expert, "the list goes on with endless deviations between what was and what it really was. how ventilation system valves work (the famous ECO 19, among other things), had knowledge and relevance, such as the Submarine Force Command (COFS) and the Training and Conduct Team (COAA), "he says.

Both in the area of ​​justice and in the framework of the project agreed by the Committee of Inquiry into the Ministry of Defense Infobae, it is supposed that The tragedy arose because the front-end battery vent valve – ECO 19 – was left open, Affected seawater, which caused the electric arc activity to cause a "collapse" that sank underwater.

Although the details are very technical, it is worth explaining it The ECO 19 valve connects to Snorkel and During navigation, it should always be closed for security reasons. According to the investigators of the Ministry of Defense, this would not have happened, because, as was the case with previous navigation, the ship's captain would have opened ECO 19 to improve submarine ventilation. The drivers were informed of the opening of the valve, because it was the same captain who wrote it in the report – if the maneuver was recommended for ventilation – and No one requires him to do the opposite, and he does not forbid it. In fact, the commander explained that he opened the ECO 19 as a means of making tablets last longer to clean up air.

In this regard, Covelli explains: "ARA San Juan crew member did not undergo any operation or procedure errors. Everything they did was because it was the way they were supposed to work because there was no response to the reports that the commander had reported and not taken into account by their bosses. What's new? Replacing unfinished soda lime tablets, intending to use it and extend the productivity of these finished products and oxygen production candles, even endangering the safety of the ship and its passengers. "

– From the Navy and the Ministry of Defense – it is clear that responsibility for the tragedy is to the commander or crew.warns Infobae to Covelli

– On my part, it would be very cowardly and unfair, as well as becoming an accomplice, if it was concealing or helping to conceal the true culprit. And also, if I do not agree with a report that exceeded the Special Commission for possible errors in operations or procedures by referring to protocols that were not exactly those that the crew had orders or opportunities to follow.

"Aguad knew everything"

"We all know that when they put you in jail in that country, they are starting to talk, the big responsible people do not speak today because they are satisfied with their home, and this is very serious, and this shows the judge's mistakes," says Tagliapietra

– And the Ministry of Defense?

-Good everything was wrong. Perhaps because he did not know what he had to manage. But they also discovered negligence throughout the year. It was obvious that he hid information for us, he lied with us. So ask for your political judgment, which is more than reasonable.

Lawyer Carrera insists: "The worst cowardice would be to blame for crew members." A horrifying point that says Judge Yañez took from Srur, he says that one of ARA San Juan was one: "inexperienced crew members". How does it happen to say that the Fleet Manager? How did the judge allow her to say that without mutual scrutiny? Therefore, as a plaintiff, I, as a plaintiff, refused to admit that Srur, who should already be paid, declared himself a witness. "

Today, one year after the tragedy, when investigating the complex 44 losses of secret soldiers in the midst of a "secret" and "secrecy" mission, there are more doubts than belief. More lies than truths. All tears and no response.

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