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Microsoft restores Office icons and changes the versions of Windows 10


Microsoft Every so often restores office icons and its operating system every so often. If Office, icons in the last century have been updated five times, usually with every major update. This is the last time this year, and the company inadvertently filtered changes that were also available in the company's presentation Windows 10 how about icons design That applies.

Office restores its icons for 5 years after the last changes

This is one design change is what's most expected of all because Microsoft, which was the most important thing to change icon design, was four years (from 2003 to 2007). Now this change comes five years after the last, introduced with Office 2013. The company has decided to make these changes to create the design simpler and more uniform and it's better suited to our times.

In addition, these new icons add a new perspectivee three dimensionalto match changes on the site Fluent design what Microsoft introduces in its products; especially Windows 10. In addition, they want to make it clearer or make each suite's application emphasizing PowerPoint graphics, Excel cells, or lines of text in Word, while all is similar to each other.

Not only Office 365: Windows 10 will also restore its own icons

All of these new icons will apply to different versions of Office. Interestingly, we have seen a presentation video about how new icons that will also be available for Windows 10, which will also simplify the appearance of elements like Calendar, File Browser, Calculator, or Mail.

The minimalism It is a tendency that major software companies have followed their products. From sophisticated logos, companies such as Google, eBay, Microsoft, Airbnb and many others are more likely to simplify and simplify them. This new icon design follows this path.

These new Office icons anda are available in Office 365, and it will reach all the devices where you can install Office. About Windows 10, Microsoft has not provided any details, but it is possible that the new icons are in the next April 2019, or, if not later the last day of the next year. In fact, in the latest version Build 18290 for In-house, the company is launching Fluent Design-related changes to the start menu.

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