Wednesday , March 22 2023

Microsoft puts an end date on Windows 7 that continues to use millions of users


Image: Microsoft

On July 22, 2009, Microsoft launched Windows 7, and after nearly 10 years, the company announced that it would discontinue OS technical support and support within 365 days. Interestingly, or perhaps not so much, there are still millions of computers running on the system.

With this type of appeal, companies always try to promote a lazy user who has been too loyal to the operating system for too long. The news does not mean that you cannot continue to use it, although you will not receive any security updates or free support during the exact year.

Windows 7 was a great success for Microsoft. After the controversy with Vista, the operating system it managed was a breath of fresh air. Then came Windows 8 and Windows 10, which, although it was a big improvement, brought the new Microsoft update model and integrated ads to many users of the last operating system.

Thus, many continue to use Windows 7, or just a few days ago Windows 10 exceeded the number of users. In fact, Windows 7 currently has around 42.8% of Windows computers installed.

By the way, after the announced date, Microsoft has announced that it will provide security updates (for an unspecified price) for up to three years, increasing the price each year until final support in 2022 is considered dead. [The Next Web]

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