Wednesday , January 20 2021

Merlos justified the controversial expulsion of Coloccini.

The classical Sunday neighborhood between San Lorenzo and Hurricane left a small dispute. The strongest of them was the red card Fabricio Coloccinilocal team defender, decided on Damonte Israel. Was he well expelled? Judge Andris Merlos had no mistake in his decision.

"I saw it (stomping), then Coloccini also apologized to Damon, Bland, they didn't know what happened and when they treated Damonte, they saw the aggression very clearly," Merlos said in a statement to Radio Rivadavia.

He added: "I see it clearly and so I did not hesitate. You have to appreciate that it was classic and I can't let you kick it like this because after that you can beat the game"

In this way, the party judge tried to justify his decision. Coloccini saw the red when the half-hour party passed. Since then, San Lorenzo has played with ten. The game ended with 0-0.

"The picture I take is Coloccini's leg on Damonte, on the other hand, maybe I saw what the whole stadium saw, it was a step and a turn, but luckily it was good, and I saw iron because I don't know as the game was over, ”he concluded.

Coloccini stompings on Damonte class. (Marcelo Carroll)

Coloccini stompings on Damonte class. (Marcelo Carroll)

He also defended the expulsion – Federico Beligoy, National Director of Arbitrators of Argentina and Secretary General of the Argentine Arbitrators Association. "The expulsion of Coloccini seemed good, leave a foot on Damonte. He hasn't done much to get on foot, it was a contact with loot on a soft player's body part, ”he said.

"Merlos had a normal arbitration court, Coloccini left his feet and hurt Damonte, he's well expelled," he concluded.

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