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Menotti guarantees huge conceptual changes and the emergence of old debates – 01/14/2019


There are two good news: AFA is a project and César Menotti is ahead. The first is more important than the second. There was nothing and now there is something. There are also other professionals trained to play El Flaco. But if it is Skinnybetter It seems that the prolonged chicanes, intrigues and manipulations that were launched by 38-38. The year is over, and for the first time we know what the National Team AFA (Tapia) is. Healed from fear, the fan and the press did not pay attention when the project "Project 2018-2028" was presented at the end of the year. It sounded more smoke. However, here it is. Touché. There is a plan and a "business plan" or a fine print or a search for goals, but the Menotti label allows us to look at some general features. The interior will be "united", which will probably divide the regions with geographic areas coordinated by the "general team", paying particular attention to minors and a strong "line-down" to the intended football style. The new sports director's guide includes friendly organizations to order calendars and find ways to reduce future sales.

Menotti's arrival (or return) to the national team guarantees a huge conceptual change, high quota contradictions, and ongoing debate under the bar that grows in height. It will be difficult to discuss Menotti football if it is based on phrases such as "high pressure", "broken ball" and other uncertainties such as "important to win". He who competes, wins, truism.

There will be no objection. Always talking about Menotti. His unfortunate leadership as Independent. Possibly slamings of their love and hatred. And even his age. He is 80. He is a big man. Maybe a man. Like the wind that blows there.

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