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"Maybe I lost the chance to secure my family's future" – the newspaper "El Ciudadano" and the region

After the Central Executive Committee canceled Fernando Zampedri's move to Independient, the attacker issued a tough statement in which he turned to unscrupulous fans and expressed his dissatisfaction with "failure to secure his future". family

"The Center rejected the operation. Yesterday (Wednesday) I went to the club and talked to leaders to consider improving my contract. I explained that my wish for my transfer was based on an economic question. The answer was unclear: I do not deserve any compensation. Now we will see if they cancel the debt they have with me, whose payment I will immediately request, ”Zampedri shot on this statement.

"I'm a person; not one thing," warned the attacker. "Many times, the attitude of players who put pressure on clubs is questioned. I didn't do it. And maybe I lost the chance to secure the future of my family. In football, this is the rule: good attitudes are signs of weakness, ”he said.

Zampedri also repeated the chronology of events. "As of January 3, Independiente began negotiations to hire me, informing me of my representative's offer to move to Central and Job. Although my salary increase was very important, I realized that the central had to speak and defend its position with confidence," he said. "Until Tuesday 29, I have never spoken to the central manager to exert pressure. With respect to the institution, I continued to learn with absolute normality and professionalism, ”explained El Toro.

And he continued to offer detailed information about the talks: "Central bank executives initially set a position of $ 3 million when the first Independiente offer was $ 1.5 million. I collaborate to quit the debt the club has with me and in a week long negotiations reached $ 2.8 million net.

Although he was grateful to Central, Zampedri admitted that "my family is the first. I am a professional football player. I had a dream of big football just a couple of years ago. In two weeks I'm 31 years old. I have a family that supports and maybe for a few more years to try to secure our future, ”he said.

"I was always grateful to Central," Zampedri repeated. "There is no better way to show gratitude than to stop my soul in every workout and every game. The coach can testify how many times I play infiltrated."

Zampedri plays a demagogue. "Central is a great institution, but it's not" my house "or" my mother "or" my life. "I'm professional and make decisions based on pay for work. Fans are sad that heroes are selling smoke. I dedicated myself to playing football to ensure the economic future of my family during my career, ”he said.

At the end of the announcement, Zampedri stressed that "all this does not affect my performance. If it does, know that I am the main victim. I will continue to provide everything from me. First of all, my family. I'm sure I'm a professional and I owe it Thirdly, my colleagues and the technical team who always supported me, and of course the fans who are not worried about this conflict. I will train again tomorrow (Friday), and I hope to have the opportunity to go to court on Saturday. I will do my utmost to defend this institution, ”he concluded.

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