Thursday , February 25 2021

Matías Tasín left Nicole Neumann and they are already in the deschavaron conquest plan: "I have friends who …"

Mica Viciconte came along with Dancing and left a slight slip from it Matías Tasín After his recent time, he was already in another plan Nicole Neumann's Separation.

However, the contestant did not start detailed information about his spooky comments.

MIRÁ MÁS: Vika Viciconte did not shut up: she talked about Nicos's separation and launched a striking piece of information

But not everything was there! About exhibition experts Mica Viciconte He sat down and, after Mayo Martinez's question, explained that he had obtained information about the model ex He already visited the clubs in search of new victories?

"I have friends who know him at night, and obviously there are rumors, Che, you see that the child is on the bowling alley and then There were rumors that he had expelled greyhounds", launched a girlfriend of Fabian Cubero on the ex model, which caused a change.


Nicole Neumann celebrates her birthday away from Matías Tasín: the final divorce?

Amid the log split, reaction Nicole Neumann when asked by Matías Tasín

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