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Matías Mārtiņš responded to Cabito and waited for the end of Basta for everything

After that Eduardo Cabito Massa Alcantara let me understand that Matías Martin is not much worried about his health and make a statement about the networks his resignation from All is enough, the head came to announce a very painful situation.

"I wanted to say that I care for Cabito, that we are always with him, that we are doing a lot to help him, that I am always close to that I have never been indifferent to your situation, he knows that I helped him, he knows that I was close, and now he has evidence: WhatsApp takes my dialogue with my doctor for which I never thought or did not think that I was going to command", Began his release of Matías.

"Changes in the team do not respond to personal questions, they react to artistic themes that were mentioned and specified. one by one, hand in hand, face to face, face to face. There is an open microphone with the mind that he offered me every opportunity to say goodbye to him, accompanying him, by telephone or with the help of audio, The choice of postcard and evening television shows in Instagram is a bit of a hard decision to understand", Recovered the leader.

"I understand that this closure is painful, because what he wanted for the program, but no fighting has never been. My love and my family are still there. It is also painful for me to do it with my heart alone and without him. It's as painful as the whole process and the huge difficulties it faces and the obligation to solve it. I came to think about completing the program this year, next month. I even talk to each of the teams. "It's Basta's End"I said to everyone in their eyes. Finally, I could solve it in a different way and try to invent the program", The program leader continued his message.

However, it was quite clear to the driver that next year might be the last of the historic Radio Metro program. "This closure, perhaps even the fuel that gives us the necessary power now, faces another year of the program. Probably 2019, if this is the last Basta de Todo year. From my beloved Basta de Todo"He sentenced.

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