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Matías Martin criticized Cabito and questioned the continuity of Basta de Todo

Questions about their untie are unclear. And after Cabito spoke on social networks, Martin went back to this topic. Among other claims he was disappointed that his current ex-partner had not chose the air of the program to be honored.

"I really care about Cabito: we're always there, we did everything to help him, I'm always close, he's never been indifferent, and he knows that. Now he has been checking with my doctor at WhatsApp that I never thought he would have to send, "the manager began to defend himself.

He again repeated his words on Monday, when he took responsibility for the decision not to continue to continue. He explained that he had accepted it artistic and personal issues, and that everything was discussed with Cabito, "face to face and face to face".

It is clear from Mr Martin's words that one of the attitudes most affected him was that his friend made his version in other media rather than his Enough …as I suggested.

"I have painful attitude as much as the process and the difficulty in solving it," he acknowledged and went further to ensure he appreciated the completion of the program. "I talk to the team: "It is the end Basta"I said, looking in their eyes. And I can solve it in another way and try to reinvent the program and with peace of mind knowing what I am doing and how. With humanity, respect and love always. "

"This shutdown may be a fuel that gives us strength to reach another program year." Probably 2019 is the last All is enoughfrom my love All is enough"Matías closed, knowing that without the Cabito the cycle would no longer be the same.

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