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Mariano Martinez explained why he tried "cruel" to Lali Esposito audio – 31/01/2019

It was a phrase that was outraged and which came to the end of 2016 in viral networks Mariano Martínez (40) in which he was heard critically Lali Esposito (27), his ex girlfriend.

"It is a bad girl, its a bad girl, a bad girl, a bad girl, a bad girl", he had heard say in WhatsApp voice message that lasted 16 seconds.

Now, sitting on the floor Wrong (America, 4.30), the actor was asked about this controversial phrase. He then again asked for forgiveness and gave details of why he said that.

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"I'm not happy to talk about it. It was a sound that was obviously private and it was from the moment of anger with some privacy. I was angry for a special moment. It is not good I was wrong Clearly I don't think or think, ”Martinez started with her story.

And he developed: "It wasn't something violent," he corrected. Moria Casan, the cycle manager, was something private. It was a moment of anger with some of my privacy. I was wrong, moreover, I have a very good memory, "he said about his love with Lali, which started in recordings. My hope, 2015, which was broadcast on El Trece's screen.

Lali and Mariano were a couple until 2016 (Instagram)

Lali and Mariano were a couple until 2016 (Instagram)

Although it happened more than two years ago, and Martinez has a relationship with Camila Cavallo (with whom she has a daughter, Alma), but Lali gets acquainted with Santiago Mocorrea, the actor did not avoid consulting with Wrong.

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"I am a man, I have good intentions … I fall in love and if I am wrong I apologize. I don't like hurting anyone and at least everything I loved. "And he closed, not wanting to quarrel with his ex:" If I get pain, I already ask forgiveness from the person I had to ask. "

In detail, the audio (which is not yet known who sent it) was as follows: "There I read a bit, but you can't hook it up with all my friends. More than Lali declares more and more, don't let her fall"The actor was heard to say at the beginning, and the most controversial part of the report that was on the virus was when Martínez tried to" hurt "the actress and singer.

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As the virus became a virus, the interpreter did not stop receiving Lali fans in his Twitter profile, so he had to go through and clarify and demand forgiveness through the social network. "If I ever said something bad, was it hot or did it ever happen to them? I do. I don't think these things and we can be wrong"he wrote.

"I don't like aggression and I think it is more than clear that I said it was intimacy and angry"added the actors, confirming that the audio was really his, and closed:" I repeat, I don't think. And I'm sorry it happens. "

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