Thursday , April 22 2021

Maria Del Cerro told ShowMatch that she had suffered from sexual abuse at the age of 11 – 13.12.13

In "Dancing in 2018"no"ShowMatch"(El Trece), the" Cha-Cha Pop "round ended. The couple who closed the rhythm were Maria Del Cerro and Facundo Mazzei.

After the choreography and when the jury returned, Marie Del Cerro's mistake marking impressed her that she was going to cry. And then, nobody expected, happened: Meri did not plan points, but something more tragic than he decided to tell the air.

Said Maria del Cerro: "I had two very hard days, because I had everything that happened to Thelma (Fardin). I can not believe that I said that on television." Yesterday we started talking about this issue with the theme of "Bouquet, I went to the repertoire and I sent a memo to Mem, I told her that he needed to talk to her and I first told him that during the years of sexual exploitation I was 11 years old. I talked very much with her. No one, even my Dad and my mother, I did not have a nice girl, but it happened to me, and it could happen to all women, it's time for all the women who had said it, and never be any more. no woman! "

Florencia Peña, crying, supported Mery and emphasized that "every sacrifice has time to say."

The dude, Maria Del Cerro, said: "Yesterday, as it happened, Mary told me that she did not want to say, because her parents did not know it, and she felt that she was about to disperse her life. Life for everyone and the role of television, and it's good that I say it so that parents take into account that it can happen to their children. I said, liberate it, I said. It's very courageous that I told it.

"You're not to blame anything, Mery," added Flor Peña and went to her scam. Then he received more robbery, including Marcelo Tinelli.

Marcelo Tinelli said: "Everyone who works with Maria says she is a very good ally." And she emphasized the power of Del Cerro, "to encourage her to say that she lives with her husband with the family who accompanies her and what they contain." He added: "The result is the smallest," he added, "begins the reflection that took place while she was dancing, and of course it was not so much that it was something much deeper."

"I hope this is true, because yesterday we asked for Thelma (Fardin) and that it is true with all the people being raped," Tinelli added. "Not only women," the leader said, "but men, have heard many colleague situations who have suffered in situations that they could not talk about."

"I want to make it clear that my rape is not rape, but an abusive treatment of two people," said Del Cerro, but everyone was crying with him in the studio. The broadcast was accompanied by many statements about the support of María del Cerro and all victims of sexual crimes.

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