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Marcos Acuña is far from Boca, despite the big offer of 14 million euros

Currently, Marcos Acuña is not far from Boka. Despite the millionaire offerings made by Argentine football in recent hours, Sporting Lisboa wants more than 14 million euros who proposed to pay for Xeneize. The conversations are also open.

Acuña is Big Bock Goal in the market. The former racing game is a difficult goal, yes. But today I would new offer try to convince the Portuguese club. It is not easy. And the book book AFA is also closed today.

In recent weeks, Sporting Lisboa had rejected a bid of nearly 20 million euros from Russian Zenita Egg Acuña. The ankle cannot stretch to these numbers, but maybe football player's decision can weigh in conversations.

Acuña had no intention of returning to Argentina and his idea was to continue working in Europe, but Boka's offer was impressive. All the money that goes through Sale of Wilmar Barrios Russia could go to the left 27-year-old midfielder.

Plan B, if left unchanged from Lisbon, could be Emiliano Rigoni, who is based in Zenit, Russia, and would be more accessible. There were already contacts with your agent to request conditions.

Today is Boca

The ankle will visit San Martin de San Juan today for a postponed game that matches the date of the 12th Super League. Gustavo Alfaro leaves Carlos Tevez and starts Mauro Zárate.

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