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Marcelo Gallardo: "I think the final will be played, I play anywhere, you have to see if Boca is presented"

It was a severe blow to the confluent climate. River fined Gimnasia La Plata semifinal Argentine Cup and did not reach the goal of looking for the champion three times in the race. The dilemma occurred in the midst of uncertainty, given that Millionaire Expects the Conmebol Disciplinary Unit's decision on incidents that took place in the past Superfinal shortening "Copa Libertadores" against Mute.

Well, after two stops and a trip to the wolf Marcelo Gallardo He walked quietly to the door of the Chapel of the José María Minella Stadium in Mar del Plata. "Today, I want to talk about the game, this is a difficult context for all Argentine football in general. It was very difficult to abstract from everything that happened, but I thought we had a very good game"he gained, but after the questions were accepted, he allowed himself to express his views on what, in his opinion, would happen.

"Especially I think the final will be played, we will wait for failure, but I have this security. From tomorrow we will start preparing the game, then we will see where it will be played, I play it anywhere. First you need to see if the decision brings about the game, and then, if Boca teaches you"he stressed.


"The game was good for us, but we did not end it, and every time we took advantage, we could not close it because gymnastics reacted and attracted it."

"We had time to close it, in the second half we had two clear situations, but we did not, and they were in the game, sometimes penalties sometimes supported you, but sometimes against."

"This game was intended, we had to take it, it was not perfect for it to play because the least talked about this game, but we tried to concentrate. "

"Everything is very complicated, there have been many things that usually happen, this is not a separate event, it always happened in every Copa Libertador game. It was in a very special situation, in a very special context, We were in the eyes of the world, and we were eye-stricken. We were able to play a soccer game, nothing more, and prepare for it, then there are things that are not dependent on us. "

"We are strong, we showed it more than once, but now it does not depend on us. We are strong mentally, we are a competitive team"

"It seems we're guilty, at many moments it seemed that our team was guilty of a situation that did not meet us. I would wait, I do not want to say things that I think and feel. "

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