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Marcelo Gallardo Dash: Impact that made him the most winning trainer in the river's history

Become one of the most successful technicians in history The river with 9 titles (three local, six international) to earn a mark Napoleon, feel comfortable every time he goes to the square with "Muñeeco, Muñeeeco "to complete the incarceration overcoming Boca Copa Libertadores Superfinal, Marcelo Gallardo fuels various influences. In order to create his own dough as a coach, he used the knowledge of those who throughout his career, as a footballer, left him training or tips for using them on a stand-up stand. And he also played on television, teams whose identity offered him instruments for his idea. Or opponents who gave him an hour live and straight.

Book Gallardo Monumental, from a journalist Diego Borinsky, the technician himself agreed with the shed from which he took the strokes of the game, working method or group management profile, and then implemented it in practice with his heading. "Gallardo fed all his coaches, especially Marcel Biels and Alejandro Sabella", ask for a job. Al Crazy He was in the national team for him. A Pachorra, in the river basin and as a assistant to Daniela Passarella, it's at the start of the link. "But my biggest impact is how I felt the game. Go, control, support, opportunities and help them think in order to see things above in order to best deal with them in advance. It's harder to think fast with football so quickly and with so much friction, so we're trying to simulate real gaming situations, "he explained in a book.

"I always thought that good teams started from good players who came together, and that's all natural, but I listened to Biels, I already understood that it was already great that there was something more. I discovered with him what impact the coach might have on the team", the trainer explained what issues he has contributed to, the increased and aggressive pressure, the dynamic and upsetting shake are the details that Gallardo teams have exhibited.

"Marcelo was a great striker midfielder, he had all the qualities to highlight in this state. Of the circumstances that are needed to play there is one that has nothing to do with technique (execution) or movement (demarcation), I'm talking about an imagination that allows you to organize possession, play the game and intervene, thinking about it as a whole. Gallardo was a gift to explain what happened before the ball was received with what he understood after his participation. I made a pre-conversion into an attack, moving the game to the place where the opponent was unprotected. I think the resource that highlights her and makes him a great coach is the way he outwardly values ​​what's going on. Knows how to choose, but also correct ", helped Crazy book. Enough to see the puppet for the second time Superclásico, who defined Libertadores to test his last sentence.

I was in the eighth chapter when Alejandro SabellaDaniela Passarela Field Assistant mentioned him for the first time in the reserve. He took it to the substitute bench in the match against Platense. And he came in the second half. Since then, Marcelo Gallardo has had deep relationships with Pachorra, which exceeded football. With Kaiser also because he is Nahuela, his eldest son and a member of a professional team, godfather. However, the former defender showed him "starting goal" twice in his career. One as DT in the second phase of the river. And as president, in the third.

Sabella, no From him, he learned a few tips under the leadership of the group and how to help young people develop and withstand pressure.. For example, a gesture that brought them out of the club and invited them to eat at home, a habit that he exhibited even in his age as a player with cracks such as Javier Mascherano. "Gallardo undoubtedly is one of the most important people in the history of a very large institution, for example, in the river, he has marked the seal. He is a great coach who has given history. And I hope he continues to do this because I love him so muchI appreciate it, I have a lot of love for it. He does a fantastic job. It's Napoleon"At a press conference on Wednesday, Pachorra said that a bond test had not been suspended, which left hours that exceeded the bomb.

Gardoillo Barcelona is probably the mirror in which Gallardo wants to reflect, outside of it Doll, without losing sight, adjust your team's game to the instruments it counts and what your opponent can offer. Between the two are the indelible points of the union, from birth (January 18th) to a few movements. "I was a passerby, that's true, I did not like prance, but I had to avoid friction and contact because of my physical nature, and my intention was to give the ball as soon as possible, it was delayed, perhaps it was a resemblance to Guardiola, he was a kind of tax in Barcelona ", he proclaimed in his book" ex 10 ".

Although he was never called to call for direct talks when he traveled to Europe with his training staff to attend training and live meetings after the Uruguay deportation, on April 1, 2014 he participated in the analysis of Manchester United 1 – Bayen Munich (with Pep in the bank) 1. Y In his Vicente López office there were companies from several champions Blaugrana of Guardiola (also from Arrigo Sacchi Milan for pressure work).

Digital superiority is one of the concepts Gallardo always grinds out. At the same time, it is one of the most winning cards to which Guardiola constantly asks. "This is one aspect we have raised from the beginning, and it worked very well for us, with great precision at speed. Digital superiority is generated from the producta. If they have two attackers, with a goalkeeper we are 3 against 2 or down with a flyer, we are 4 against 2, and so we move to the field and, when the opponent goes out, touch the ball and leave it behind the line. go and you have created a numerical superiority. if they are 3 to 3 in the middle, with the defender added to the dominant ball, they are 4 to 3. It gives a domino effect from back to front, "explained Matías Biscay Gallardo Monumental.

Yes, the technical director who has the "influence" of the Gallardo method in the World Cup with the national team. Al Doll There was anxiety that there might be something interesting in September 2011. The Chilean University eliminated the national law of Copa Sudamericana with 1-0 Santiago and 2-0 Montevideo (only 45 minutes before the game was stopped by the charge received by the referee). Despite the pain of winning, Sampaoli's team left a great impression on him. "We lost the game against one of the best teams in South America"he said in total a champion dessert.

"I noticed how exerted they were, it was a purely offensive proposal, a direct attack is difficult to withstand. At that moment, I met Sampaoli and congratulated him, "said Gallardo in the book. Lefty from Casilda videos that show players to understand what they want from their teams.

Sampaoli, a river fan, enjoys the Gallardo era. "In addition to the success of the is a river with a proposal related to the history of the club, which is related to absolute protagonism. I see that there is a common idea between the teams that we run. This Gallardo River gave me access to the world's river, I returned to be thrilled from the fan's place, "closed the circle Sampa.

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