Monday , October 18 2021

Mara Julia Olivna delighted everyone with her son's progress: Antonio returned


In mid-December Mara Julia Olivn He discovered that his little son, Antonio, posed some difficulties in the language and communication he might have in the autistic spectrum. "I have never told him, but Antonio has a language disorder that involves him in an autistic spectrum, Antonio has no fixed diagnosis because you have to wait until he is three years old and four," he said during the program. Radial BorderPeriodismo.

Since then, some have shared the child's progress, new knowledge, advice, and strive to raise awareness of the disease. Now, journalist he was so excited with the new breakthrough from Antonio that he was delighted with the social networks. "Thanks to the video I found for my love for @arielslatam and the work we did on TO with Sonia Reijenstein and with Ceci Ala, today, a year later, when he didn't make one fruit, Antonio returned to his first love. Oranges," he explained. happy mom.

"It's a complicated road, because everything is presented to us as a struggle to overcome fatigue, or denim, or the bureaucracy that so often makes us cry," admits. Julie "Many things cost us twice as much, and the future of our children largely depends on our ability to fight – without fall – our challenge, our reflection.

With our faith high in the look of our children, because we cannot afford to be different, support and not pay attention to children because we are all, "we analyze. Our common upbringing with therapy and light for people who cross our path and give us strength and understands us and encourages us (…), thank you Olivn

Finally, I said, "You say so much that a child ate an orange?" And I … for me this is one of the thousands of daily struggles I have decided to win. And I want to win them all … They already know me. "And I came to the conclusion: Now when I lie to him, I tell him the same thing I do every day, I say," I am very proud of you, my love, because you reach all What do you think? "He laughs, he looks at me and he closes my ear to my face so I can kiss him. What do you want me to tell you? Is there a better program than it is?"

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