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Maintaining AIDS growth in San Juan

On Saturday, December 1, the World AIDS Day from the Public Health Ministry recalled the statistics on the progress of the disease in San Juan and the measures being taken to avoid new cases as far as possible.

Public Health Minister Alejandra Venerando explained that "102 new positive cases were last year in San Juan" and referred to the health care portfolio's assistance "not only in the field of promotion and prevention, but also in providing clear responses to patients' attitudes," he explained.

Venenero acknowledged that, despite all the work done from the state, the development of the disease in San Juan ", therefore, we must be aware that they are key players in the fight against AIDS and work with people who do not have the necessary information. From the Ministry, we have every opportunity to do it. diagnosis, tests performed at all health centers, as well as all the staff we are attending, "explained the official.

The minister emphasized that the use of condoms is an essential method to avoid infection. "This is an appropriate and preventative measure," he said.

In turn, Victoria Sain, Provincial AIDS Program Manager, explained that "a total of 1377 cases were found in San Juan since 1988. Over the past 6 years, we had an average of 95 new cases, but this year we are surprised by the discovery in November 2018 with 103 new positive results. , "he explained. Based on the reasons that can lead to more cases, Sain said that "this is a discussion issue. Despite the help and ease of knowledge provided by the government about the disease, there may be a lack of awareness of the use of condoms in sexual relationships with new partners. This year, the UNAIDS slogan is "Know your state," and aims to raise people's awareness of whether they have a disease, "he said.

With regard to the age range in which the disease occurs, he noted that "men speak for 32 years and 33 women. At the national level, the share of AIDS is two men for women, and at the local level, there are three women each," said Sain.
They will do a lot of checks

On Thursday, 29 November and 30th, the tests will be conducted on the first floor of the Civic Center from 9:00 to 13:30.

On Monday, December 3, and Tuesday, tests will be conducted in all provincial health centers.

In all cases, the test is free, confidential and free.

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