Saturday , January 29 2022

lost with Belgrano for penalties


This time the currency did not fall to the central side. This time, no killer came out of the penalty lottery. He hit him in the Argentina Cup final. Tonight the balance was directed to Belgrano, who won 4 to 2 out of twelve steps after the end of the game – 1 to 1 in 90 minutes.

Striker Brunetta's Pirate struck his penalty well enough to beat the goalkeeper and extend the home team's lead to 1 – 0 after 11 minutes. But the locals responded in time and created equality with the aim of striker Diego Becker.

Opening the marker did not provide respite. The teams still benefited when the attacker Suarez used Carrizo's fault, hanged on the Ortiz brand and fell into the heart. Judge Trucco did not hesitate to punish the penalty, and Brunetta changed the target.

The first part of the party showed their central blues. Because he didn't know how to handle the ball and it cost him to leave his field. And this was reflected in the danger that justified Belgrano, who did not help, because goalkeeper Ledesma replied well again and again when it was requested.

Only at the age of 23, Patón Bauza's team attacked a group with a particular threat. The game ended with a center on a small area, but pirate protection deactivated it.

Ten minutes later, he returned to show a positive signal. The triangle on the right led to the center of Lioi at the head of Pachi Carrizo, which moved widely from the edge of the small area.

The danger in the first half of the games shone in their absence, and the Pirate went to the rest.

The central showed significant changes to his game in the addendum. Mainly because Patón Bauza handed his hand to the team. Arranged by Jonas Aguirre and Diego Becker to join Federico Carrizo and Andrés Lioi, who did not participate too much in the first phase.

The scandal showed clear signs of improvement. He started handling the ball and placed himself in the field of opponents. But he could not spoil Pirate, who had threatened Ledesma's target of spine.

The local tried again and again. But he didn't find the way to the goal. Mainly because when he went in the middle, he didn't hurt when he tried the crossed-out visit dominated the game, and he wasn't good at long-distance circles.

Central was more than its competitor in the supplement. But Belgrano had several options to eliminate the game. He didn't do it just because he wasn't good at the final thrust.

And as one of the examples of football, goals that have been released in one circle become another. In an hour Becker got the ball behind the defenders and defined the tie exactly.

Thus, the story was defined by consignments from the criminal scene. And this time the coin fell on Pirate, who won 4 to 2 and ended up with Gigante de Arroyito.

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