Friday , October 22 2021

Lost Brazil, Celebrating Argentina – 02/02/2019


Twenty joy was on Friday in Argentina's 20th The first was a 1-0 victory over Colombia in the second South American Chilean hex. The second was Brazil's 2-0 drop against Venezuela. With these results, the Batista team is in fourth place (three points) in the qualifying zone for the Polish World Cup. While Verdeamarel (a) is in fifth place, it is not happening now. Of course, there are still two dates. And only the selection during the last game will face Brazil.

Venezuela's triumph over Brazil was due to double the gymnastics performance Jan Hurtado, which allowed his team to be at the top of the table with four units (+2 goal difference). There are also four (+1) in Uruguay. Then comes Ecuador and Argentina with three points (with two goals and two against).

Thursday at 17.30 Argentina will face Uruguay. And will close on Sunday 10 at 19.50 against Brazil.

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