Saturday , April 1 2023

Lizy Tagliani went through the operation room – Aire de Santa Fe


The surgery was performed shortly after the start of its new cycle.

Lizy Tagliani is about to start with the entertainment program on the Telefe screen. A new career – a humorist – looks great decided to take action. He shared his picture in his Instagram account while he was waiting in his room to enter the operation room.

"The day arrived. I'll take them … they weigh me, they're very big, I can't hide them anymore, ”the stylist wrote in the publication using humor. At first, outside the joke, many followers were worried: "What are you going to do?", "What's going on? Does anyone explain to me? I don't understand!", "What happened to you?"

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However, a few minutes later, Lizy fans explained that she had already planned that she would have surgery to remove herself. his eye bags. Surgery is technically known as blepharoplasty, which makes it possible to repair the lower eyelids and dark circles in both eyelids, producing fat and excess skin.
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Capochomic will be in the air on the Telefe screen with a gaming cycle that runs from Monday to Friday from. 11.30 to 13.00 Dangerous: uncoded, Migue Granados and Pichu Straneo, who will serve as assistants. Although in 2018 it shone on mobile phones Cortá Lozano and spending Marley on various trips This is the first time you answer your program.


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