Thursday , March 30 2023

Lizy Tagliani showed her long-awaited operation result: "I was divine"


Lizy Tagliani deserves a TV and theater recess, and used the opportunity to go out in the room to settle the outstanding debt with its beauty. He experienced blepharoplasty, an eyelid surgery that prevents hated "bags" from the eyes. The operation was successful and Lizy regained her in the Buenos Aires clinic.

Humorist told about hospitalization step by step. First of all, he surprised us with a message that created intrigue and laughter: "The day came, I took them away, they weighed me, they are very large. I can't hide them anymore"Tagliani often turns to his sexuality to make humor, a tool that has in the past acquired a cross with Flor de la V, who does not believe that transgender contributes to the fight for equality.

In fact, of course Lizy referred to the "packets" of the eyes. After a few hours he returned to the networks for another joke. He showed a preview of the results and said he couldn't share more material because he saved the magazine Vanity Fiera. Instead, he added a photo from above to Claudia Schiffer.

This morning Capocómica updated their fans with another postcard from the clinic and He showed his face without bandages. It is still swollen, and only a few days later you can see the real changes – they are valued from 4 to 5 days when recovery, but the eyelids are already "smoother".

Lizy Tagliani for Cosmetic Surgery:
Lizy Tagliani after her cosmetic surgery: "I was divine."

Lizy wanted to operate better to watch the debut as a conductor Telefe. On Monday, February 4, he will be responsible True price, a program by Fernando Bravo Blue TV (Today nine) in 2000. A great opportunity for one of the favorite exhibition celebrities.

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