Thursday , March 30 2023

Litoral: provinces ask for help from the Chronicle of the Nation


The provincial authorities of Chaco, Corrientes and Santa Fe have asked the government to help with the consequences of the storm, which, unfortunately, has not yet come to an end. There are four dead and thousands of families affected, but the economic losses for crops, livestock and others are still unpredictable.

The floods in Litoral and the north of the country will have a major impact on the recession economy, but the level of damage is still not a fact, as the National Meteorological Service announced strong storm centers on Monday. and south of Chaco, Corrientes, north of Entre Ríos, Misiones, the north and the center of Santa Fe, at least until this Tuesday afternoon.

Chaco Governor Domingo Peppo, met on Monday with Buenos Aires Minister of National Security, Patricia Bullrich, request that it apply the emergency program for emergencies and disasters. There are at least 4,500 families in the direct affected family and 500 evacuated in six community centers and public schools.

Mayor of Resistencia Jorge Capitanich, he in turn sent a letter to the president Mauricio Macri in which he requested "eMaximum effort, speed and priority"for two works "substantially" mitigate the impact. The city of Corriente already has over 2,500 evacuation areas and isolated areas.

Governor Gustavo Valdés on Monday announced an alarm condition. Santa Fe Province, Water Resources Secretary Juan Carlos Bertoni He said the situation in the northern province "it becomes even more complicated"with short-term forecasts that complement water coming from Santiago del Estero and Chaco.

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