Saturday , July 24 2021

Lavagna confirmed that if his candidacy is required, he assumes "responsibility"

According to a fully open electoral scenario, both candidates and forecasters Roberto Lavagna was a new step towards a decision to start the presidential election. Former Radio Minister for Economic Affairs Eduardo Duhalde and from Néstor Kirchner "I always think it is important that someone from my generation follow the flag." It seemed to me that it was the cheapest. the circumstances showed the limits of this alternative and contacted me in the sense that we are trying. And we are"

For this reason, Lavagna began to comment, which seems to have definitely led him to the election race: "I would like him to be from another generation; If not, I take responsibility"The economist also added that if things go well,"it is worth fighting for another country"In addition, he whipped the two sides of the crack darts, holding:"The previous fault is added to the previous fault. " "Failure and failure make things more complex and deeper. It's like a relapse when you're sick, " He tried to illustrate the situation, in dialogue with Network

Lavagn's Steps, Gustavo González

Referring to those who are today the main candidates to stay at Rivadavia's chair, that is Mauricio Macri and Cristina Kirchner, Lavagna said: "Ask them why they want to divide the sector looking for consensus. Neither the president nor the president will go to STEP, they will go alone. How curious that they want to fragment and split an alternative looking for consensus"In this way, he made it clear that he supported his position that it was not competing Sergio Massa not with Juan Manuel Urtubey open primary.

In any case, he explained that he ignored the PASO mechanism, but stressed that "the circumstances are important" in which you can come to this instance. Currently, the only strong candidate who has confirmed his candidacy is the current President, Mauricio Macri. However, given the economic crisis that the country is experiencing, some analysts question whether it is 100% guaranteed.

Who has started and even done last year is the highest José Luis Espert. In any case, given that it is your first invasion of politics, you are not expected to have a very promising result. The main task of Espert will be to reach 1.5% in steps to reach October.


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