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Laura Esquivel, following Thelma Fardín's complaint about Juan Darthés on rape: "This could have happened to me"

"I would never have doubted that such a person would have liked him. When Cal was the first charge, I could not imagine that. "It can not be possible. There is something here," he said, as it happened to many of my members. But without knowing it, I could not comment. "

Laura Esquivel She was completely moved when she saw a video of her ex-partner Cruel dude Thelma Fardín he condemned the rape Juan Darthés Nicaragua traveling in May 2009.

The former character of the children and youth spoke about the surprise caused by the good relationships that he had with the actor at that time. "We traveled a bomb on the road. What hides me most when I see photos: I'll drop everything there … As we were half-way: we do what we liked most. We were a very united group. I was very much with my mother, and maybe I shared a bit with my classmates because they shared with them, "he explained.

"I would not find anything without a mother, we were lying in the same room. One day one of my castmates felt bad and my mother left me with the others at the hotel, so I thought it might have happened to me. For any person, It has nothing to do with physical or that you seem to be bigger, "the actress laughed.

Your private conversation with Thelma Fardín

Esquivel also discovered how many months ago he had an intimate chat with him when his partner told him about nine years ago. "I did not know anything about what was happening, literally, what was seen in the video and the conference with which I was speaking Thelmi At the beginning of the year, when they broke my Instagram account, and she had some contacts to help me recover it. He told me: "I want to say something, I want it to be between us, but I'm also suffering from persecution from Juan." I could not believe it"he explained.

"He did not give me any news, we wanted to meet coffee together and talk, but it did not happen, he knows I do them all. I kept it myself, because he asked me not to say that"he continued.

(Video: involved in America)

Last weekend they talked again and Farindin told him he would make the complaint public. "She told me about the awkward situation of harassment. I knew something had happened, but he did not explain to me the situation, and I did not ask for it either. I did not want to talk about these things over the phone. That's why we tried to meet coffee together. That day, I was watching television on the way, "he added on a press conference called" Actrices Argentinas "on Tuesday at Multitheater.

Juan Darthes's image

The first sensation of Laura Esquivel after learning the facts was to review the daily entries and excursions they shared: "At that point I could not believe it, it did not seem real to me, because he did not seem like that kind of person. I would never have imagined that he would have done something one because he did not show it. He was loved by everyone. He was the father of the family; He was our father for excursions. He was our number, we had fun; but he did not stop to be a serious, very professional man, what did he do. His way of life was perfect: it showed you that he was an old man, his affair, but also a kancher man who is approaching you and puts his joke. I've never hinted (that could happen). "

For his part, she confirmed that she is not yet ready to meet Dacey: "I'm on the side of Thelm, I know her, I know how she is, she's not looking for a camera or anything in the media, I'm on her side, and I believe everything she said."

The actor also explained that it was the last tour, so when Ezeiza arrived a full girl, they said charity. "And for many years I did not see many," he said.

Esquivel referred to his sensation when he heard a public denunciation of Calu Rivero, which claimed that the actor was intrigued by him during the recording Sweet love 2012: "It seemed to me that I could not believe it, it's not that I did not believe her because I was talking about something, but I knew that Yuan did not do it."

"I did not understand it, just like Gaston (Soffritti), Evai (from Dominici), I did not support him, but it seemed impossible," he added.
"The program brought us so much joy and helped so many children … We were so great, everything was so clean, which was held on tours. And feeling that this happened after a person, which no one thought, it was in my pain. It also hurts what girls we were and how vulnerable we were"he said.

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