Saturday , January 29 2022

Knuckle to deal with the spread of hantavirus Cuyo diary


Place Chubut Governor Mariano Arcioni yesterday arrived in Epuyén and met an emergency table against this disease.

Teresa Strella, Director of Pathology and Epidemiology at the Ministry of Health of Chubut said yesterday that the current outbreak of Khantavirus (which has already killed 10 people and left 28 confirmed cases) will change the treatment of the disease at national level "because" the person's path to human transmission is included as a specific Hypothesis "So far" was considered to be the only form of transmission of disease by inhalation of viral particles from faeces, urine, or saliva of infected rodents, "he explained.

The classic painting, which was used as an example, was a mountain rider who entered the barn to look for firewood, and climbed to the mouse's faeces, spreading the "spray" with particles that the victim sucked and once in the body. caused the disease. Of the 23 "species" of hantaviruses that exist throughout the world, Andi is apparently the only one that can be transferred from person to person when it reaches the human body carried by a "collagen" mouse, a typical Cordillera. Andean and Patagonian countries on both sides of Argentina and Chile.

"So far, the environmental form has been considered the most common reason for transmission and interpersonal transmission was a hypothesis, but sending this person (Epuyén outbreak) will be accompanied by a person's embarkation protocols at the national level," the official said.

Chubut Health Minister Adrian Pizzi said that the isolation of people with hantavirus, which has already affected 94 Epuyén residents and neighboring provincial mountain areas, will help "eradicate the outbreak next week. "He added that this is the main measure to" reduce transmission ".

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