Saturday , January 29 2022

Kill the offender Southern Yofre


The criminal was killed by a police officer after a fire exchange. This incident happened in Suipach 4.200. Year in Yofre Sur neighborhood. According to the police version of the province of Cordoa, the criminal tried to rob a motorcycle from Bulnes 4200. While the victim was driving, three other men on his motorcycle approached him and took the key to stop his vehicle.

The victim of the attack got out of his wheel and, at the time of the gun, his vehicle, safe and mobile phone were stolen. At that moment, an inter-city group from Malvinas Argentina, where a policeman who noticed the situation, traveled.

Shooting began, and as a result of the shooting one of the criminals fell, about 100 meters from the place where the robbery occurred, and affected the abdominal area. The second offender was arrested. He was admitted to an emergency hospital, injured in his right thigh. The rest fled.

Everyone was stolen from the victim. The red motorcycle, where the offenders moved, was asked to kidnap.

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