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Karina: "I'm talking to my daughter about pedophilia because they talked to her about men who were 11-year-old boys"


"I was slippers! I'm ready", Welcome Karina Little Princess when you receive Teleshow in a house that rents Carlos Paz on San Roque Lake, with footwear, ready to take pictures. This is the first time a singer has a theater season and therefore, as she admits, is still adapting to the "theater world".

While he goes through his house, he hears sing under his breath. "It's funny because I've been working on this issue, but I love doing it in my spare time, I have a karaoke team, and what I like the most is melodious," he says. Queen, his daughter's bitch Sun. "It's pomeranian and eight months old." Siddharta, Flavio Mendoza, next to Facu Mazzei, Mirta Wons and humorist Skinny Apples.

Silence and silence are observed; explains that she is very shy and shameful. That's why Karina is not accustomed to many comments. He also doesn't want to talk about him. "I still find it difficult to understand that they want to know things about me", in an intimate interview with this portal, she admits that she talks about love, the challenge of turning her career into action and even that she had to talk to her 11-year-old daughter about pedophilia.

– It cost you a lot to convince Flavio to assume you are a part Siddharta?

– It wasn't so much, because before I called me, I assume it will happen to me. I do not know why, but I told a person in my working group that if there was any suggestion to do something, we would say yes, because this year (2018) I wanted to do it.

-You are a singer. Did the bug fight you for being an actress?

I wanted to see what I could. How far I could go so much to fill myself with the activities of the day. Three months later, I came up with a proposal to organize a theater with Flavio, and I always try to accept something I feel and the songs I moved, so I said two days later. And suddenly I was here.

-When did he suggest that you were preparing for the season in Villa Carlos Paz, or would you agree a little more quickly or in doubt?

-I didn't know what the theater was. It is first in Buenos Aires and then Mar del Plata or Villa Carlos Paz is going on, then I kept silent and a month earlier, when I was offered to come here, I hesitated more because summer is when I sing most. It is a time when we want to work well because there are many shows.

– And what made you say "yes"?

-I had to say no other evidence that I was already detained and asked me a year ago. I knew it was more economical for me. And, of course, one of the reasons I took this year was first think, not everything else.

– What do you mean by "everything else"?

– Now I think that makes me good and makes me happy but not economical. I think of everyone: in my band, my musicians, in my family, which I help a lot, in my house … I think about it, and only condition What I was doing was to make the season, but also to be able to make my performances so my group would continue to work. And what I do.

-When are the job suggestions, do you consult someone or decide separately?

– Good afternoon! I don't like asking for suggestions. I have no one to consult because I don't want to. I think to make decisions that are better than me? If I made mistakes, it would be something I felt from the heart and I would regret it.

– What did you come to Villa Carlos Paz?

– I am with my daughter Sol, 11 years old, my little sister from 13, and mom is constantly coming and going. My friends who are on vacation are also visiting me for a couple of days.

– In the last days, a picture of a man in your wheel of a truck appeared, looking for you at the exit of the theater with your daughter. Are you a couple?

I am alone He is a friend. I have several friends who drive my car and they just grabbed him. I'm not a couple because I don't want to. I had been a girl for a long time and it is good to have time to work and be calm. I do not like it

"There are suggestions, but I'm fine. When the season is over, I will see.

– Does it cost you to fall in love?

-I have many turns. It doesn't come through my eyes and it is not easy even if he has spoken a few times. I like to get to know this person, talk many times, see if I am together if it amuses me.

January 30th is your birthday. How will you celebrate?

-I do not know. I've never celebrated. It's not important to me to do anything. I'm a little bored. Flavio told me to invite him, assuming he was doing something. I also don't like going out at night, and if I do, it's always spent. I would also like to do things in my house so my daughter might be, she's with her group of friends because they are healthy things.

– In June you debuted Siddharta, from then on, do you feel more comfortable on stage?

-I continue to practice different types of dance classes as well as singing. Although they are mostly the same, I practiced all the time, because it costs me a lot. I believe it I improved and I release a little. My big problem is to let go. I'm half shy.

-You can say that you don't want to talk much about your things.

– I am very introverted. Also in privacy. I don't know anything; I'm telling my friends a little and nothing. I just do a lot. I am ashamed to talk about myself, it is hard for me to understand why they care about my things.

-Do you google or watch on social networks that are talking about you?

No, I don't care if they say something. Suddenly I see things and I go, I laugh and I'm ready, but I didn't start looking. This happens through each of them. I do not care about the views of others; whoever says, will not change what I mean.

– You are sure about yourself.

– In some areas I am very safe. For example, in my work. In my life, however, not so much. For some reason I don't want to be a girlfriend. Fearing others. I wasn't good and I would like to be alone. In my work, I have all the security that other places can't.

– Do you have difficulty managing an exhibition?

-The example that came out with my friend, for example, does not worry me or cause me discomfort. In fact, it's funny. We kill ourselves with our friends because he is also shy and, like I do not talk about their private life, they do not tell me. So then, I do not know if he is a couple or it is complicated. I hope no.

-What about topics that don't create so much grace for you?

– There are more serious topics, and sometimes I give explanations because I know I had someone to talk to. And if I don't do that, I say with complete respect that I don't feel comfortable and this topic is no longer spoken.

– Then you get used to it.

– It had several stages. At first I suffered a lot and didn't get used to it until I learned to drive. And I'm still learning. I realized that it was a game and that it was very dependent on every attitude. Also the fact that you are not talking, opens the door to say something. It's good that you defend yourself because the limitation is set with respect.

-What do you explain to your daughter when they say things that are not entirely true?

– He is very clear in his youth. So it is very easy for me to talk to him. It costs less than me. It is obvious that he sees things because he is in networks, he has 60 thousand followers, and there must be little ones who follow him about me or my father (cummer singer) Polish), but because she gives advice: it is fashionable to be a youtuber and that … The truth is that we talk about it with her. It is good to communicate and know what is right and what is not.

– Do you monitor your Instagram account to see what you're talking about or the messages you receive?

– Actually, I didn't want him to have a mobile phone, but they gave it to Christmas, and at that age they had it all. Y If you don't leave it, the right thing, it stays outside and it is not good. So I told him that I have Instagram but I also have your account on my phone. Before that, I had a conversation in which we spoke of intimidation with pedophile networks.

-Have you ever found something that you didn't like or were worried about?

-I found many people pretending to be 11-year-old boys if they don't. They wrote to him, but I blocked them. She also almost does not respond to the reports, and if she does, I see the answers. You must be vigilant. And one, more or less understood. She already knows it I will have your account on my phone and I will look at it until you understand the dangers.

– You explained to her that you have blocked some contacts. How did it happen?

– We saw them together and I explained why he was a pedophile. I realized that they told him they were 11 years old, but the way of talking was not a boy. Also the same contact I had written as if I was 45 years old and my sister who told her I was 15 years old. I sat both, I showed them reports and I removed them. Let's know how many girls are writing on thembecause they follow thousands of people. There are many occasions when they go around and it's good for the guys to tell these things. Especially before he starts to go at night.

– How's your year?

– By March we are here at Villa Carlos Paz with Siddhart, and then I have some approved exhibition dates. In addition, I have proposals for action both on television and in theater.

-What do you like more?

– TV I do not know, I have rejected a couple of proposals because I felt that I was not ready, and now I do not believe I am, but as I like it, I see. Theater, I was offered a child and something similar to what I do now.

– And if they call you Dances?

– When I went to sing in the disco Flavio danced, Marcelo Tinelli He remembered the camera that it always offered me, because the reality is that they call me almost every year even when he did it personally. But, as I am, I don't want to. They worry about the previous one, and what can I do if I don't speak? I also think I will suffer. So I disagree. I have nothing against the program but I do not think it is for me.

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