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Juan Darthés interrupted silence following rape complaints: "If it's true, I'm the first to kill myself"

Darthets: "I'm her villain" (Video: A24)

"It did not happen, it never was"He said about Thelma's accusation. And he said: "She knocked on the door of my room, I took her from her room. "You're crazy! What's wrong with you? I'm a great guy"I said, my children were at the same age as her. God, how can I do something like that?" He also said that it was an actress who was "insinuated"trying to kiss him in the room, although he was dating a girlfriend, Juan Guilheras, the fact that the actor noticed more than once.

But why did the actress condemn it? "I do not know she will know, I do not know what happened to Thelma," she said, "I can assure you that she knocked on the door of my room to change my card because it did not work."

Darthés: "She Wanted To Kiss Me" (Video: A24)

"We went back to the plane," he continued: "I was not alone, there were big: parents Brenda (Asnicar), from them Laurita EsquivelManufacturers, people who care for them. Nobody saw it? The next day we went back to the plane and I thought Thelma was sitting with me. If something happened, would it be normal that we all laughed the next day? Are we all sick enough? Much more we should not talk"

"I'm dead, indignant, with an incredible line"said the actor, who added that he was "very dark thoughts" after the Fardin conference. "It's done, i'm dead"he declared both" civic "and his artistic career." Everything I want is for people to know my truth: I can never rape or harass anyone. "And one minute later he added:" If this is true, I am the first to kill myself, I am the first to condemn myself. " "

Darthés and his presentation in law (Video: A24)

After it ensured that it would be available to the Nicaraguan court, in which Fardin filed a complaint (he said) "I have never deleted, I'm here," said that he does not know the reasons why Ana Rosenfeld submit your resignation. "I do not agree with what he did (Rosenfeld), but I understand it, and I said that it is fine, I can not force people to believe me."

In addition, Darthés stated that he had "evidence" that could be released, although everything happened nine years ago. And he asked for a reasoning: "If it were a lie that the calf says, what will happen, because they will take me everywhere," he said and spoke of "100 women (with the college" Actrices Argentinas ") who said and supported things that were not true. "

Former actor Simona, the fiction he led the scandal over the charge Calu Rivero, he noticed his wife for 25 years Mary Leone, and their two teenage children. "I want to take care of them, everything is fine with them, they are incredible beings."

Darthés: "I'm dead" (Video: A24)

One hour before this report (he explained that he had not been given a medical recommendation before because of the "media madness" that triggered the violation report), Darthets first appeared on the message in his Twitter account. "I'm deeply hurt and embarrassed. There is no longer any pain", wrote the former main character of the fiction Cruel dude, on whose journey there was a possible Fardin offense. In addition, he used this Twitter to announce an interview with Viale. "(I did it) to tell my truth that is completely different from what has been heard, but it is true," said Darthese.

The performer was expected this afternoon in a court hearing about the audience with Calu Rivero, if he started his former partner Sweet love for "losses". He sued him in his mind, "drawing his name and honor" when he accused him of abuse by registering sex scenes in Telefe's incident. However, Dace did not attend his meetings with the judiciary.

Kalu emerged and, leaving the audience where the parties did not agree (the trial will continue), the actress said: "Today is the day the woman finally won." He then reiterated what he spoke on Tuesday at the Multiteatros Thelma Fardin conference, summoned in the collective "Argentine Operations": "It's not, it looks like we are ourselves."

Here's a full interview with Mauro Viale with Juan Darthes:

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