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Juan Acosta Twitter, which caused disagreements over networks – November 8, 2018


Juan Acosta He returned to troubleshoot the network for his controversial comments on Twitter. "I live by paying taxes, you get caressed everywhere, the corner in Bolivia is a huge truck, earning fortune, no bill, I'm laughing at and I'm a discriminator," he said, speaking between cataract messages using social networks. And the criticism swooped.

Actor and comedian leading the show in the national hand (Conflict rocks) and that his Twitter description is defined as "anarcomacrista", he received hundreds of reports of his controversial Twitter, where he punishes "Bolivia with a huge truck" and parks in a place that is not allowed.

"The Palermo chetos are Argentineans, and they also do not bill. "Exhibit hall, address and prices for private persons""The user said ironically." While you are writing these pelonoseces, corner Bolivia is still working, he will surely work from Monday to Monday, and he wakes up before you and goes to sleep later, he pays and pays for naphne here instead of Bolivia, he consumes and he's here living in you do not drink any, turnip, "wrote another.

Before so much of the critique, humor began to realize that this letter was not painted as a racist dye. "My beloved and girlfriend is a Bolivian, it's love, and I'm forcing you to laugh, it's not a nationality, it's the quality of people, whatever it is, it's also the sons of all the nations, sometimes you'll understand," he said.

Raúl Rizzo and Juan Acosta, one of the many media intersections about the gulf. Acosta is defined as

Raúl Rizzo and Juan Acosta, one of the many media intersections about the gulf. Acosta is defined as "anarcomacrista".

He added: "If you are a neighbor who fucks you and abuse you, you say that you are an American, they applaud you and ask you to denounce if you say that he is a Bolivian, they will give you. This is a neighbor who screw, not a state of folks here, but the story goes to any little bottle of shit … "

Acosta, which has recently been troubled by public condolences to the government, is not the first time fighting bird social networking or any of the country's entertainment world to support Kirchner.

At the moment, to quote the case, Acosta punished the musician using Twitter Ivan Noble: "Yesterday I wanted to congratulate Ivan Noble with a kiss, and he departed, he got caught up, and I said: "Does it interfere with you? Did you then reject me?" "No, no"He said with an idiot's face. If he had said yes, a man would believe it. They break in their confidence (the masks that tell them). What do you think you are? "

Another of the complex reports he usually distributes from his Twitter was against the Argentinean actors' association and, in particular, against director Alejandra Darin. "I do not like how the Kirchnerist Actors Association workswhere his manager welcomes the members of the Metro Union who work, "he said at that time.

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