Tuesday , January 25 2022

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez remain together, despite the leak of intimate news that caused the most expensive divorce in the world.


The source told the site Six sheets that the couple is still "very in love" and that "Jeff not to blame Lauren" revealing these reports to the media. It is believed that Bezos and Sanchez have seen each other for at least the last nine months.

Tabloid newspaper National Requester he announced it Bezos sent him naked selfie to Sanchez and even his own graphic part. So graphical articles from the publication that they didn't dare to publish it. In addition to the hot reports, the tycoon and his lover also shared many moments of romanticism.

According to the media Bezosa's wife learned of her husband's affairs when she saw pairs of private flight recordings. It was a word that was repeated as the only passenger on many flights: it was Lauren Sanchez.

"Jeff was told by MacKenzie about Lauren and the story came out, so she was ready, they focused on the kids and their well-being right now, she spent the whole week with them and they still live together" the said source for these media.

Bezos has a value of approximately $ 137 billion, so we know what the divorce rules will be with such capital.

Meanwhile, television manager and businessman Lauren Sánchez She divides her husband Patrick Whitesell, a Hollywood talent agent.

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