Wednesday , March 22 2023

Ivana Icardi destroyed Wanda Nara and gave Maxi Lpez a reason


Although the relationship between books is not good, no one expected it Ivana Icardi go out to destroy this way Wanda Nara, current wife of his brother Mauro Icardi. The young woman had no mercy when she had to rely on her sister's mother and even public statements Maxi Lpez, a former blonde man.

Mauro's sister does not exclude anything and continues to feed the scandal in the face of Wanda's political stance, which is visible for a few weeks, because she is completely fierce with the meditation model. Regardless of the reason why Nara was the reason why the football player left his family, the former big brother supported the last three sons, Lopez's father's confession.

Many situations in which I have lived for several years and do not change. She sees it as a game, forcing me to enter my house or calling when her husband is in concentration and breaks down and doing things that are not good, mostly for children. It is a mine, married to other children, and I just want to keep in touch with my kids and nothing else, Lopez said in an interview.

Exactly to these words, Icardi's sister: one of the gray victims of this mine. Is it (neck emoji) in the brain what can you expect? Then he talks about the evil of the world and all those psychic things. I do not know how my brother finally allows it.

Then, in another comment, Ivan Fulminate Wanda: The only one who does not realize that no one supports it is my brother, I understand that nobody does it, lives on the show and is out of place. It is a pity that my brother is tied to these side effects (because it can always get worse).

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