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It was the painful departure of Bernardi de Godoy Cruz


“I can't repeat rumors, I never speak to anyone. My departure from Godoy Cruz is not up to me, ”commented Lucas Bernardi at the press conference, until then, when Tomba's coach in a previous clash against Atlético Tucumán in the north of the country. After the defeat, almost surprised, Bernardi returned to testify.

With three defeats in a row, Godoy Cruz returned to training for Coquimbito on Tuesday following Rosario's order. But Jose Mansour's call will soon arrive at around noon. At 10 in the morning, Bernardi's site flagged a statement he didn't want to receive. "After practice in my office, we got together," Bernardi read from the president.

The meeting with the colors of the monologues was short-lived, as were almost everyone who marks the end of the Winery Trainer – number 17, as the team is in the first division. The reason was simple and specific, and Mansour made it known to Bernard again, and as in 2017: "I don't agree with the way you watch football." This attracted the coach's attention again, as this was not the first time he had heard these words from the president. Bernardi emerged from the same process two years ago, with his first immersion in Godoy Cruz.

Bernard's departure, led by the board of directors and unlike how he highlighted the club by "mutually agreed" on his social networks, was prolonged for a long time. The decision was made after defeating Arsenal 10 days ago with Malvinas Argentinas, although shortly after Bernardi's takeover and after the fall at Belgrano in Cordoba on the previous Super League last day, they began to see bad eyes for continuity. coach

Bernardi said goodbye to the team on Wednesday during a press conference and Javier Patalano as his successor in the middle of an official presentation. Even in the middle of the conference, Bernardi leaned out the door and gave "success," which he trained a few hours ago at a club reservation. With a computer in his hand and a bag with some belongings, Lucas Bernardi left the property forever or announced it soon …


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