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It was all right! Jeep launched Gladiator to capture the whole world

Just a week ago, an error on the Jeep website revealed its new and highly anticipated Gladiator model – a mid-size pickup based on legendary Wrangler.

Now, from Los Angeles, the United States, the brand that belongs to the FCA is officially known, which we all know. However, it is worth reviewing all aspects of the product from the official press section of the Jeep.

If everything goes as planned and helps the Argentine market, Jeep Gladiator will be available in this country in the second quarter of 2019.

Further official Jeep press office.

Jeep Gladiator 2020: the most appropriate media pickup in history

The legendary 4×4 abilities, an authentic design based on the precious heritage of the Jeep pickups, class leading loads and pulling abilities, smart functional solutions, versatility, progressive and efficient engines, freedom to drive out, and riddled with intuitive technology and security features.

Los Angeles – the new one Jeep Gladiator 2020 – The most profitable medium-sized pickup in history – based on the rich legacy of the tough and dependable Jeep pickups, boasts of unlimited robust utility, authentic jeep designs, outdoor processing freedom, automated functionality and versatility. , class-leading load and pulling power, avant-garde and efficient engines, good road dynamics and off-road driving, as well as a range of advanced and innovative technology and safety components.

"Undoubtedly, it's a pick-up and instantly recognizable as Jeep, the new Gladiator 2020 is the latest in vehicles that are ready to make a variety of outdoor adventures," said Tim Kuniskis, who was responsible for the Jeep brand in North America..

"Everywhere, we have discovered an extraordinary interest in an exclusive vehicle, both for our loyal customers and for pirate buyers. The gladiator combines robustness, functionality and versatility, which is the most capable media history, as he is the heiress of heir and heiress of heirs of the rich and proud of hard and trusted Jepy pick-ups.

The new Gladiator 2020 delivers unrivaled off-road capability with the best cargo and traction in its class, excellent road dynamics and safety for all passengers. The legendary power of the Jeep has been achieved thanks to Command-Trac and Rock-Trac 4×4 systems, third-generation Dana 44 axles, Tru-Lok front and rear electronic locking differential, Trac-Lok limited slip differential, exclusive stabilizer bar that is electronically disconnected and 33 inch off-road tires.

The Gladiator 2020 Jeep is available in four different finishes: Sport, Sport S +, Overland and Rubicon.

Built in Toledo, Ohio The new gladiator will arrive in Jeep dealerships in the second quarter of 2019.


The new Gladiator 2020 boasts a durable, elegant design that is instantly recognizable thanks to the traditional Jeep identity.

The design team has kept Wrangler's legendary seven-bar grid this time this year to increase air flow and help the engine, which is an important feature with increased pulling power. The upper part of a separate grid is easily attached to improve aerodynamics.

Optional versions of Overland and Rubicon offer LED front and fog lamps, which provide clear white light and complement the modern Gladiator image. Vehicles equipped with a light emitting diode also have fluorescent lamps forming the outer perimeter of the headlamp. The front turn signals are located on the front of the trapezoidal fenders.

At the rear, the traditional square light has optional light emitting diodes and open the rear doors to facilitate the loading of items in the pan. The rear door with an electric lock has a padding and three opening positions.

The design of the tray focused on intelligent functional solutions and space rationalization. Some examples are lighting under the box rails, closed external power supply (400 V 115 V and three plugs) and robustly integrated berths. An additional Trail Rail load management system offers new alternatives for deploying and organizing transported objects.

Replacement tire support is under the box behind the rear axle and can pick up tires up to 35 inches.

Protective coating with pallet, spacer and cover offers additional possibilities for transportation of loads and increase of usage time. Gladiator Rubicon includes robust rock barrier rods.

The windshield has a design with four locking hooks located on the top of the frame to facilitate and accelerate folding operation. The forward transverse direction is attached to the supports A and remains fixed even if the windshield is folded down. This allows the rear-view mirror to always remain in place.

The two side body protectors include a lower black aesthetic insert that gives the gladiator a higher profile. This element comes standard in Overland versions and is not mandatory for Rubicon.

The sports bars that are dyed from the body and welded with it are standard in all gladiators and integrate front passenger handles.

The soft roof of Sunrider Premium in this segment shows a simple opening mechanism and helps reduce wind noise. With its intermediate or fully open position, you can easily access the interior. It has several fastenings that slide on the rails to simplify the removal of the rear glass.

Gladiator Overland and Rubicon offer three types of body color details. There is also another option with a black hard top, also in three pieces that are available for all decoration. Freedom modular panels and improved shutters make it easy to disassemble and install roofs. All of them have a rear window that is manually moved.

Dozens of different door, roof and windscreen combinations offer almost endless configuration options.


The new Gladiator Jeep interior combines exclusive style, versatility, comfort and intuitive use. Quality materials and precision workmanship spread throughout the cabin.

The center console inspired by the rich heritage Jeep offers a clean and decorated design that complements the control panel and is different from trim, depending on the various versions of Gladiator. The hand-covered instrument panel, which is the standard in the surface version and is available as an option for rubikon, offers soft touch surfaces with contrasting seams. Functional elements such as climate and volume control, USB ports or the Stop-Start System Button (ESS) are designed to be quickly recognized and easily accessible from the front positions. The HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) circular grids are surrounded by a chrome edge, which at the same time provides an outstanding and durable look.

The central console is an example of Jeep's functionality and versatility. Metal accents give it an elegant look. The inside of the consoles is the change selector, selector and parking brake. The gear lever, handles and informationtainment frame use rigid screws, emphasizing the use of true manufacturing methods.

The button that starts with a waterproof design is standard in all versions of Gladiator 2020 and is easily reachable by the driver.

The fabric or leather contours are marked with seams and have controls for adjusting the side flu and lumbar support. Additional features such as front seats and heated steering wheel are also available as an option.

The rear seats are new and exclusive to the gladiator. They are made of high quality materials and imitate a sporty image without losing grip and comfort. In addition, the second line of the gladiator cabin has the greatest footprint in this segment and a unique lockable design that allows you to fix the objects below them. Rear seats can be folded up to form a flat surface that facilitates access to objects placed at the rear of the cabin and, where necessary, provides more space for large items.

If the seats are folded, the rear panel LED illuminates behind the seats. Two nets on the rear wall of the cabin provide extra space.

Other practical solutions for the transport of objects in the Gladiator 2020 include a durable eye pocket door and a number of storage space for mobile phones.

The rear seats can also be folded into the "hair dryer" position, revealing a container for storing different objects under the seats. As an option, you can add a lockable lid, which is a very practical solution for safely storing objects when the door or roof is removed. This lockable container is of two different sizes that exactly matches the configuration of the rear seat row 60/40. Also, up to five separators can be added to configure the load according to the needs. The lock is the same as the center console and glovebox.

The screw belt underneath the seats provides a safe place to store them if the roof, the door is removed or the windscreen is folded. The appropriate number of screws and the correct way of placing them on this cover are indicated.

The driver and passenger door panels covered with vinyl are soft to the touch. The lifting system handles under the door handles have a retractable design element that facilitates the removal of the doors. Among the elements of comfort there is a passive recording system with remote access.

The instrument panel is equipped with a 3.5-inch screen or an additional 7-inch LED with a thin-layer transistor (TFT). The 7-inch LED display allows the driver to configure the displayed information in more than 100 different ways, including music, tire pressure control, low pressure alert and digital speed indicator. The buttons attached to the steering wheel allow you to control the audio system, voice and speed without turning off the steering wheel.

The Uconnect information and entertainment system employs a 7-inch touch screen that is located in an excellent position on the center console. The fourth generation of this system gets improvements in the user interface, improving system performance with faster startup speed and better screen resolution. Functions such as climate control, volume control and USB ports are directly below the screen. Gladiator Sport is a standard 5 inch touch screen.

An exclusive gladiator rubikon, on the front of the front camera, allows you to visualize obstacles on the ground. In the central bar of the seven-bar grill characteristic of Jeppe, it is controlled from Uconnect's excluded roads.

Two USB ports and one USB-C front and two other ones available to passengers in the second row are connected to the multimedia center. An option is available for connecting three-point 115 volt power sockets.

Audio system enhancements include a low-frequency speaker and a portable cordless speaker below the rear seat. The indoor panel's LED lighting illuminates the storage space and the wireless speaker charging station. The network provides additional storage on the left side of the rear wall of the cabin if the gladiator is equipped with a subwoofer and a wireless horn.

Enhanced and effective mechanics

In the launch phase, the new gladiator jeep is powered by one engine: the well-known 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6. The 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6 engine will be added to the line in 2020.

3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine

The 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine delivers 285 horsepower and 260-pound pound torque and is equipped with the Start Stop (ESS) system in standard mode. It is designed to provide a wide range of torques, with particular emphasis on torque at low speed, which is an essential aspect of extreme driving while off-road.

The 6-speed manual transmission is standard on all models fitted with a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6, while the 8-speed automatic transmission is offered as an option.

Thanks to its ultimate strength, power, efficiency and versatility, the FCA has produced more than 8.6 million 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engines since its launch in 2010. This award-winning engine group is currently being built on three floors: the Trenton Engine Complex, Michigan, the Mack Avenue engine in Detroit and the Saltillo South Engine in Mexico.

The Gladiator 2020 Jeep uses the famous V-6 low speed torque, which is very much needed on 4×4 routes or when the terrain conditions become more demanding (for example, in towing or heavy trucks).

3.0-liter Eco-diesel engine V-6

The 3.0-liter V-6 EcoDiesel engine will be available in early 2020. The engineer, delivering 260 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque, will be offered as a standard with Start-Stop (ESS) and automatic transmission. 8 speeds adapted to increase torque.

FCA US engineers have adapted the engine designed and manufactured by the FCA EMEA to meet the strictest NAFTA emission regulations.

The V6 EcoDiesel engine uses improved turbocharger technology with low friction pistons designed for low speed and transitional situations requiring an immediate response. Low friction pistons improve fuel efficiency and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The modern combustion system features new injector channels, a plunger hood and a glow with an integrated combustion pressure sensor. The exhaust-gas recirculation system (EGR), which is cooled by low pressure, is combined with a high-pressure system to extend the range of EGR usage and improve fuel economy.

8-speed automatic transmission

The new Gladiator 2020 Jeep features all-wheel-drive 8-speed automatic transmissions to optimize off-road performance and deliver smooth and efficient power at highway speeds.

The new Gladiator's new 8-speed automatic transmission provides an efficient driving experience and instant response. Whether traveling to work on weekdays or off-road adventures or pulling loads on weekends, drivers will have a smooth, linear energy supply and improved fuel economy.

The exclusive multiplier ratio (overflown) improves fuel economy and reduces overall noise, vibration and hardness levels (NVH, its acronym in English).

Specially tailored to the requirements of the Gladiator Rubikon, the eight-speed gearbox provides a crawl ratio of 77.2: 1. 4×4 performance and pulling power are used when the ratio of the first gear is 4.7: 1 and the final gear ratio is 4.1: 1.

Six-speed manual transmission

All Jeep Gladiator 2020 models will be standard equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox. This transmission is a unique design with gear ratios optimized to increase the coefficient of increase (coefficient of rotation) and cable drive, which eliminates vibration of the gear lever and promotes sound insulation.

This transition control provides greater precision and a more comfortable position. With a ratio of 4.41, it provides greater fuel economy at high speed and offers fast acceleration based on smooth, accurate and high-quality shift gears.

The most capable of picking up history

The new Gladiator 2020 delivers the legendary Jeeps off-road option for two improved 4×4 systems. The Command-Trac 4×4 Gladiator Sport and Overland standard have a 2-speed gearbox with a final ratio of 2.72: 1 gearbox and a third-generation Dana front and rear rigid axles with a rear axle ratio of 3.73

The Gladiator Rubicon Rock-Trac 4×4 system includes a third-generation high-end Dana 44 front and rear axle and gearbox (4LO) with a final ratio of 4: 1. As a standard, the ratio of front and rear axles is 4.10. The standard is the Tru-Lok electronic key differentials.

Rubicon Gladiator offers improved joints and suspension with an electronically removable stabilizer bar, which is an exclusive feature of this segment. With a standard 6-speed manual gearbox, the Gladiator Rubicon achieves an impressive 84.2: 1 crawl ratio. The 8-speed automatic gearbox is 77.2: 1. Both systems make it easy to overcome any obstacle, although it may seem complicated.

Both the Command-Trac system and Rock-Trac offer a constant torque control that ensures optimum grip in low traction conditions.

The Gladiator Sport and Overland limited racing rear differential Trac-Lok provide extra torque and grip in situations with low grip or slippery terrain, such as sand, rocks, snow or ice.

Each Gladiator's vehicle has the Trail Rated sign thanks to the legendary Jeep 4×4 capability achieved with the following elements:

4×4 Command-Trac system with a final odds of 2.72: 1, the standard version of Sport and Overland

4×4 Rock-Trac 4: 1 final gearbox and electronic Tru-Lok differential lock, which is standard in RubiconProtector Crankcase and Front and Rear Towing Hooks.

Rubicon, high-power off-road rear bumper and optional winch support and removable covers

Approaching angles of 43.6 degrees, ventral 20.3 and outputs of 26, and clearance of 11.1 inches

Aggressive 17-inch off-road wheels; The Rubicon version has 33-inch tires. Up to 30 inches cutting height. Up to 7,500 lb. Tractive power and 1600 lb. cargo

The proven chassis design is based on the legendary 4×4 Jeep

Jeep Gladiator 2020 uses a number of solutions to optimize handling, dynamics and sound performance while fueling fuel economy while towing and loading. Thanks to the stroke and crossbars chassis design and the superb five-arm suspension system, the Gladiator meets requirements related to power, as well as good driving dynamics on the road, passenger safety and best towing power. and load your class.

The gladiator's chassis uses modern materials and engineering to help lower weight without losing rigidity and stability. It features a lightweight, high-strength steel frame that is 31 inches longer than the 4-door Wrangler. The garenbase is also 19.4 inches larger, which, along with the center of the box positioning directly behind the middle axle of the rear axle, provides a better weight distribution, more comfortable journeys and more confidence when transporting a cargo box. The gearbox, brake system, fuel system and exhaust system wires are extended to fit the necessary changes that make the well-known string and the brake chassis design a great fit for medium-sized vehicles.

In the traditional steel pan, four rails are used to reinforce the load floor, but the aluminum rear door has a padding and three opening positions. The box reflects the commitment to the usefulness and versatility that we saw in the cabin thanks to the integrated links, interior lighting and external power options.

In order to protect critical components – a fuel tank, a gearbox or an automatic transmission oil panel, the gladiator uses four plates and protective barriers. The Rubicon versions also benefit from the installation of side protection bands for rocks made of high-grade steel to reduce potential damage to the body when traveling on off-road. There are also exclusive rock guard rails for the four corners of the box in this version.

High-performance light aluminum locks, including doors, hinges, hood, wings, windshield frame and luggage compartment, help reduce weight and fuel economy. The Jeep engineering team has lowered its weight, including hollow steering and stabilizing rods, as well as engine braces and steering gears made of aluminum.

The Jeep Gladiator uses a proven 5-lever suspension configuration, a front-facing side handle and four longitudinal controls. The full width leading rods made of forged steel control the axial side movement with a minimum angle of rotation throughout the suspension movement.

The five-link rear suspension, which is an exclusive gladiator element, consists of two upper and two lower arms with fake steel for longitudinal guidance and cross-axis guidance. The controls are located below the chassis rails, but the rear shocks are forward facing to ensure even damping, driving comfort and better load control.

Shock absorbers are tailor-made and show the optimum balance between road travel (either loading, or without it) and off-road efficiency. Driving comfort, body-balance control, driving dynamics and loading and towing capabilities are greatly improved with new damping settings, chassis solid points and suspension brackets.

The attack angle of 43.6 degrees, the ventral 20.3 and the exit 26, and the distance to 11.1 inches of ground, allow the gladiator to go forever.

The gladiator also has up to 30 inches of swimming height and up to 31,600 lbs of load capacity and 7,650 trailer power (with optional Max Towking package).

Over 80 advanced active and passive security features

The main aspects of the development of the new Gladiator 2020 Jeep are the safety and security of passengers, which is reflected in the availability of more than 80 active and passive safety components. These include blind surveillance, reverse cross-section (rear cross), front traffic camera, ParkView rear camera with dynamic network lines, adaptive cruise control and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). English) with electronic anti-counterfeiting.

The fourth generation of the Uconnect system, which provides cutting-edge technology

The new Gladiator 2020 Jeep features three Uconnect systems (Uconnect 5.0, 7.0 and 8.4NAV) with communication, entertainment and navigation features that fit any rider or passenger, including a full color LED instrument panel.

The Uconnect system has easy-to-use features, improved processing power, faster start-up times and a touch-screen with high-resolution graphics.

New Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features

The new Gladiator Jeep is available with Uconnect 7.0 or 8.4NAV systems, which includes the new Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features.


The new Gladiator Jeep is made in Toledo, Ohio, where Jeep vehicles have left the production line since 1941. In particular, in the Toledo Complex, South Floor, a place where Wrangler UK was manufactured by April 2018. This southern plant, also known as the Toledo Suppliers Park, was built in 2005 to create an innovative production concept whereby supplier partners create and implement key production processes that are fully integrated into space from the plant and thus also in the production process itself. FCA USA will use the same production system for the new Gladiator, which will directly collaborate with two original suppliers – Kuka and Hyundai Mobis – responsible for providing the body and chassis. Production is expected to begin in the first half of 2019.

Production capacity for the new lift was created to shift the production of the latest generation of Jeep Wrangler to the northern part of the Toledo Assembly Assembly as part of the $ 4.5 billion industrialization plan aimed at transforming production from a company in the United States to expand the brand of Jeep and Ram. The FCA has invested US $ 700 million to modernize the North Factory and include more than 700 new jobs for the new Wrangler.

The abundant and safe Jeep pick ups inheritance

The new Gladiator 2020 is the latest expressive long-lasting Jeep pickups tradition dating back to 1947, when Willys Overland launched a one tonne all-wheel drive pickup based on CJ2A. The gladiator, inspired by over 40 years of valuable heritage, is the latest of a number of lifts, which include:

Jeep Pick Up: 1947 – 1965

Triangle with a wheeze of 118 inches, which received some changes. It was Willy Overland's first attempt to diversify the Jeep brand from CJ.

Jeep FC -150/170 Pick up: 1957 – 1965

The series of these Jeep Forward Control (FC) vehicles were mostly work vehicles, and the FC-170 has an 81-inch FC-150 and 103.5-inch wheels. They received minor changes to their life cycle, although some of the 1959 and 1960 models used floating front and rear axles and some of the FC-170's two rear wheels and manual transmission.

Jeep Gladiator / J-Series Pick Up: 1963 – 1987

Gladiators, like Wagoneer, debuted in 1963 with a 120-inch (J-200) or 126-inch (J-300) wheelbase and a Dana 20 transmission and Dana 44 rear axles. The gladiator's name was removed in 1972.

Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler: 1981 – 1985

The skrembler launched in 1981 was a CJ-7 similar to a jeeps but with a larger wheelbase. Internally known as the CJ-8, it was available in hard and soft roof versions. Less than 30,000 units were created, and today it is very popular for collectors.

Jeep Comanche (MJ): 1986 – 1992

Based on the Cherokee platform and similarly equipped, the 1987 cab was received with a 6-inch bracket. The latest models were 4×4 Traction Systems, Selec-Trac and Command-Trac.

Mopar / Jeep Performance parts

Mopar will offer more than 200 new and refurbished Jeep Performance Parts accessories for owners to tailor the new Gladiator Jeep since its launch. Mopar products include lifestyle-related accessories for collection such as box covers or protective covers, performance enhancements such as lifting kits, field lights, side shields or wheels, and other accessories designed just a new gladiator.

Mopar parts and accessories for the new Gladiator Jeep are factory-made and developed in close collaboration with Jeep brand and product design and engineering offices, which have devoted more than 10,000 hours of development, testing and validation. The most stringent exclusive factory standards are used to unlock Mopar parts and accessories incredibly in the new Gladiator and offer the right installation and top quality finish that takes into account even the smallest detail, color, texture, look and line.

About the Jeep brand

With 75 years of experience and commitment to the 75 year old legend, the Jeep is an elegant, self-propelled fabric for all types of vehicles, with a wide range of calendars and versatile clusters for extraordinary rides. The La Marca Jeep invites a conductor, a vivir from the vida al máximo, ofreciéndoles una gama completa de vehículos que continuan dando a due to the segridad de poder hacer frente a cualquier viae con tot confianza.

Jeep Jeep Compact from the Cherokee, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Renegade, and Wrangler Jeep. Para poder hacer frente a la demanda mundial, todos los vehículos Jeep vendidos fuera de Norteamérica se encuentran disponibles con el volante tanto del lado izquierdo como del lado derecho y se inrecen cone motoros de gasolina y diésel.


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