Monday , April 19 2021

It is 32 years old in the name of the river

The river is at its best at the time of its history, there is no doubt about it. I have never met so many international names in the past so soon. However, to turn this golden moment into history, it has no golden necklaces that will be blessed throughout the world. Historical landmark that Millionaire I only got one chance just 32 years ago.

December 14, 1986 River has won its only intercontinental cup which led him to world football. The Millionaire He came to play this cup after winning his first Copa Libertadores de America in the hands of Hurti Bambino Vieira, who was also the substitute bench when he was playing in the final.

The Millionaire he faced an atypical campaign in the Romanian Stewart Bucharest. The Eastern European team this season won the European Champions Cup. That year there was the first European competition, which did not have an English team, who over the decade dominated Europe because of the tragedy of Heisel, which caused the suspension of this country in five years.

Duel between cast not and the Romanians played at Tokyo National Stadium, which is usually the headquarters of this tournament. Everything, Millionaire was nominated by the smallest difference to Europe in a very controversial game. The one who changed was Uruguayan Antonio Alzamendi, who raised the millionaires in the first half, and it was enough for Conmebol to win the world title.

It was the only gospel The river Whole world. He then fell to Juventus in 1996 and against Barcelona at the World Cup in 2015. Therefore, the team led by Marcelo Gallardo will try to be the world championship finale and win the second time in its history in this championship. as one of the best years of history.

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