Saturday , July 24 2021

Is the bench in the mud? They checked the Tesla model X on the road, and see what happened

Perhaps very few people who buy the Tesla model X are in their plans put it in the mud. Therefore, while everyone says it is SUV (and 4×4), it is rare to see it dirty and road conditions.

People in the Czech Republic Teslicka was an animated and recorded video that you can see below. Although this is not an extremely difficult path (which would not make sense as it is not a car trip), it is enough to see how it works before average requirement.

It should be said that in several sectors it almost staysbut finally you can overcome both puddles and mud as well as some slopes.

Model X has a 100% electric motor, like all Teslas, and can be delivered depending on the version from 333 to 612 horsepower. These figures make it a practical sports car.

It is longer than 5 meters, weighs two and a half tons and has power up to seven people.

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