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In this way the universe was created: they reveal the "missing link" of the planet's formation

January 30, 2019

Its radius is 1.3 kilometers. Japanese scientists announced it in Natural Astronomy yesterday. It is the found object that is furthest from the Earth.

The solar system is starting to reveal its secrets. January 1 Nasa New Horizons, flew over Ultima Thule and since then, the North American Space Agency has distributed several images to this body, the farthest and most primitive man.

Body without atmosphere, located Kuiper it is the formation of a remnant Solar system and its research is an important issue to discover the origin and development of our planetary system.

Ultima Thule was created before 4500 million year and it is more than 1 billion kilometers Pluto. It is precisely the distance that is difficult, because their dimensions are difficult because these structures are completely fragile and difficult to detect.

It is Bennu, an "asteroid of death" that could collide with the Earth

However, the Japanese astronomer group managed to overcome this barrier, and with a low cost system, they started asteroid research: two amateur telescopes attached to two commercial chambers were enough to investigate. It features a public center terrace on the island. T. Miyako, Okinawa, over 2000 stars from June 2016 to August 2017 to identify secrets.

The work collected 60 hours of busy picture 50 terabytes raw data. His analysis meant the first object found outside of Pluto, with a width of 1.3 km, and was twice as valuable by its size and distance.

According to the publication of the specialized magazine Natural astronomy, Japanese astronomers had started a project called OASESwho worked using a number of low-cost telescopes with high-speed photometry and a broad field-coordinated system for star stellar detection.

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