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In this way, the star works to highlight the message


Because of the large number of messages received by WhatsApp, the application created an ideal feature to highlight specific content.

Incredible WhatsApp feature to highlight messages.
Incredible WhatsApp feature to highlight messages.

With each update, WhatsApp includes new features that make it easier to use the application. A lot of news was announced in 2019, but one that already exists and little is known.

According to what was announced WhatsAppIn 2019, cosmetics will be upgraded, the ad will be included for the first time, it will be combined with applications like Facebook and transfers.

In addition to notified notifications WhatsApp It still has features that are not fully utilized. "Star" is one of them and allows you to highlight specific messages. That way, you can get the right content.

Keeping the message pressed. T. WhatsApp appears in the top section of the screen. With it, you can highlight text, audio, image, video, links and even GIFS and emotions.

To start using it, you have to press the star, the content is not colored and you can find the selected section in a few steps. In order to achieve this, you only need to push three points in the top right sector WhatsAppand then select "Featured messages".

If the content loses importance and you want to remove it from the visible section, you must press the crossed-out star again. In addition, to delete all content, you need to select "Do Not Highlight". In this case, it was clarified that the message was not removed from the chat but remained in the conversation.

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