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In October, fuel sales increased by 7%, but during the year it was almost 3% – on January 11, 2014

After almost 70% price increase fuel sales increased by 7% in October, compared to September. However, they register compared to the corresponding period of the previous year decreased by 2.85%. These official data will be confirmed in November, in consultation with several oil companies. "The floor was reached in September, an improvement came from there and remained in November, "slipping into the company.

As it happened during the year, fuel for the "highest quality" fuel has been the least reactivated. His office improved by 4% in October, but still compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, it is 28% less than in the case of "premium" naphtha. The highest quality diesel fuel is 6% lower than in 2017.

The total gasoline shipped in October 2018 is 4% lower than in the same month of 2017. The proportion of diesel fuel is slightly over 2%.

The "premium" fuel prices in this year increased by almost 75%. This led to a decrease in his sales in an unusual way. In the executive, they claim that the highest octane gasoline prices should fall (the tenth percent was mentioned, but at a different dollar price) starting in December. For petroleum products, oil companies claim that these amounts are still late and that the increase would be almost a fact.

In any case, the type of fuel that was shipped improved last October. 33% were higher grades, compared with 28% who chose these products in the same month of 2017.

In October, diesel was an average of 32.54 per YPF, but this premium fuel was shipped at $ 38.51. The largest oil company in the "super" state was $ 36.76, while the premium was sold at $ 43.47.

The November price adjustments were lower and changed. Axion pointed out and pointed out more than 5%, according to what was done later by Shell. But YPF was cut with 2.5% reposition. As growth was smaller than its competitors, both Axion and Shell changed and increased their growth to the level that YPF performed,

"30% of our flag client migrated to YPF ", recognizes the executive body who asked to identify. "The official government pressure from the state oil company also increased in November," they say in another company. In government, YPF denies that these obstacles exist.

The November rally was the easiest – the super hit $ 37.59, but the premium rose 54 cents to $ 44.01.

Despite two months, oil companies predict that this year's fuel could be higher than last year. December action will be unbalanced.

Oil outlet, Cristóbal López Oil Company The market is also part of the brand influence is also. YPF's market share rose from 53.75% to 54.85%, according to Cecha's camera data from the Energy Secretariat. Shell brand (now Brazilian Raizen hands) lost a certain market: from 20.93% to 20.54%. Axion rises from 12.25% to 13.91%. This last flag has always tried to get the amounts similar to YPF values, but in recent months it has just taken place and is between the leader and Shell between the parties.

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