Sunday , February 28 2021

Impressive at the Tierra del Fuego Fireworks Factory

In Rio Grande, in the province of Tierra del Fuego, they began to see Large black smoke curtains in the sky from all the city points. They came from the factory Isla Grande plasticwhat should be Evacuate more than 80 employees After the fire took over the whole plant.

According to the local newspaper Fueguino Weather, a fire appeared in minutes after the 16th. The company, located at the intersection of Brown and Ortiz, is one of the largest industrial parks. The flames started out and took the place of the interior.

Civil protection personnel and volunteer firefighters work on site. The fire is concentrated in a place where there is high combustion material. The company is a polyethylene sheet manufacturer for various uses, specializing in stretch film, with production capacity exceeds 35 000 tons per year.

During the fire – whose employees were exposed to teenagers who placed pallets behind the factory during a fire – The plant was manufactured and all its employees worked. Among other things, the security secretary Javier Eposto, public affairs secretary Gabriela Castillo, Commissioner Moraga, and local government officials also took part. hundreds of neighbors who are afraid of houses around the building.

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