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How To Turn Bad Carbohydrates Into Good And Other Interesting Questions About This Energy Source


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In order to maintain a healthy diet, it is not necessary to remove carbohydrates from our diet, we just have to choose the most appropriate one.

Carbohydrates … Friends or enemies of our diet?

They are difficult to avoid because they are everywhere: in sugar, in starch products like rice, fruit, dairy products, cereals and vegetables.

Carbohydrates have been in the last years, and rarely included in today's diet for weight loss. When was the last time carbohydrates appeared on Instagram?

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But the truth is that carbohydrates they are necessary healthy diet. It is one of the main food groups.

The problem is that after several years of contradictory consultation, we have become rather confused about our function and nutritional value.

So here are 10 things we should all know:

1. Not all carbohydrates are bad

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Know the types of carbohydrates that are available and which are best for your diet.

Carbohydrates are one of them energy sources our body.

There are three ways: starches, sugar and fibers.

Foods such as potatoes, flour, rice and pasta contain a lot of starch.

Soft drinks, sweets and most processed and refined products contain sugar.

Both starch and sugar they enter the blood in the form of glucose and if they are not used, they are stored as fat.

But there is another type of carbohydrate, dietary fiber.

Fruits and vegetables contain fiber, and fiber is a type of carbohydrate that slowly releases energy. It is very good for the intestines and usually prevents fattening.

2. How much carbohydrate do I need?

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Changing the flavor of a regular salty cookie can give you instructions on how well your body tolerates carbohydrates.

Have got fast, cheap and simple test to determine how much carbohydrates can properly absorb our body.

You just have to chew the salty cookie until you feel it has a taste change. After a while, it usually gets a little sweeter, but you can catch some other taste.

Yes the flavor changes in less than 30 secondsYou may be able to properly treat carbohydrates.

Less than 15 seconds is pretty good, which means that your metabolism is even faster.

But if the cookie hasn't changed after 30 seconds, then you should to maintain a low carb diet because your body is not so good to treat, and it can cause weight and health problems.

The test was developed by the geneticist Sharon Moalem, who studied enzymes and how they break down starch molecules.

Our saliva is an enzyme called amylase, which distinguishes large starch molecules from smaller sugar or glucose molecules. That's why a cookie often tastes sweet.

The more the enzyme is in our body, the faster we will be able to effectively treat carbohydrates so that it does not include weight gain.

3. You can turn bad carbs into good ones

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The only thing you need to make bad carbohydrates good is a microwave and freezer.

Scientists have discovered it "bad" carbohydrate cooking and cooling makes them good.

Refined carbohydrates are easily soluble and rarely come out of the small intestine. They turn into sugar very quickly and the body absorbs them.

If you eat a lot of these carbohydrates, you run the risk of winning kilograms more.

On the contrary, good carbohydrates have hard starch molecules that are more difficult to dissolve, so they quickly enter the colon and are then eliminated.

Durable starch is what It nourishes bacteria in our gutSo they are the ones who stay with these good carbohydrates instead of putting them in our body in the form of glucose.

To increase the amount of durable starch in foods such as pasta, rice and potatoes, the trick is to heat them in the microwave until they are very hot.

4. It is not right to eat bread

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Bread has been demonized for several years, but the main thing is to choose bread that contains "good" carbohydrates.

you can keep bread in your meal and there is still a healthy diet, but it is better if you go from industrialized white bread to some of the rye and craft products.

Most of the bread produced at the industrial level consists of soluble starch, but of rye whole grainsthat contains durable starch and travels continuously to the large intestine where the intestinal bacteria expect.

It is important to check the sugar content of the bread. Some manufacturers of rye bread add sugar to carefully neutralize the wholeness of whole grains.

5. Roasting of direct freezer

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Bread slicing is a healthier choice than cold bread slices.

Like cooking and chilling, freezing also transforms the starch so your body absorbs fewer calories if you cut bread slices, freeze them, and then toast. This will increase good carbohydrate intake.

6. Reduce the risk of bowel cancer

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Always choose the healthiest option among carbs, there are many varieties and many types.

About 95% of our edible starch is easily digestible, but now we know that there is also a small fraction – a tough starch that can reach the colon to break down the intestinal bacteria.

It creates chemicals reduce opportunities contract definitely diseases like bowel cancer. By changing bad carbs to hardened starch, the chance to grow healthy by 30%.

7. Refined carbohydrates and diabetes

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Refined carbohydrates quickly turn into sugars.

In recent years, doctors have discovered alarming growth the number of people who are resistant to insulin, which causes poor blood sugar control.

This can lead to type 2 diabetes and often to life, which is full of medicines.

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According to the National Diabetes Report in 2017, there were 30.3 million people with diabetes in the US. That means almost 1 in 10 people.

Of these, 90 to 95% are type 2 diabetes, and most also suffer from overweight or obesity.

Often called diabetes "hidden assassin" because many people for many years do not suffer symptoms and discover their condition years later when complications begin.

Many doctors and scientists believe that the reason for this increase in people with type 2 diabetes is poor nutrition and excessive consumption of carbohydrates.

8. Fighting diseases with a good diet

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A good diet can make you not ask for medication in the future.

There are many things you can do to be healthier in order to avoid a life where your health depends on the medicine you are using.

Usually look at the plate colors. Reduce beige and white carbohydratesbut increase the greens.

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Several studies have shown that reducing carbohydrates also reduces hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels, which reflect blood glucose (sugar) levels in the blood for two or three months.

High levels of HbA1c mean that you have too much sugar in your blood and more complications such as diabetes.

9. Bad carbohydrates and fertility

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Carbohydrates are the energy of our body, but are better than others.

Grace Dugdale is a biologist specializing in propagation and research Causes the infertility for both women and men.

Ensures that the new world of life is also an energetic process: a brand new person is created, and the necessary ingredients, eggs and semen require good energy.

If you have a bad diet, your baby may be more difficult to imagine, says Dugdale.

If a couple wants to increase their fertility, the doctor will advise them to eat a low carbohydrate diet, which will also help women control their health during pregnancy.

10. Bad Heritage

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A healthy lifestyle can also affect your offspring.

There are more and more studies carried out by geneticists and biologists, which show that a poor diet can to make our genes change or be damaged, especially for men.

When you think about having children, almost everything focuses on maternal health, but research on obese men's sperm found that thousands of genes have changed due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Essentially, it is also important for men to choose their lifestyle before taking children: genetic modifications in semen can be passed on to the next generation, which affects their future children's predisposition to illness and affects their future health.

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