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How to recover deleted WhatsApp message

November 13, 2018 – 22:09
The program string can detect the content deleted during the chat. From text to pictures or voice audio.

The ability to delete a message on WhatsApp can be a solution to many or many other problems. Interestingly, by the way, there is a lot of people who do not want to remain with doubts about knowing what they deleted the message said because they have a simple trick that will let you know why it was hidden by another person.

The first thing to do is download one of the dedicated applications to recover the deleted messages in your chat. After WhatsRemoved +, WAMR, or Restore is installed on your Android device, the apps will save all the conversations you've made to WhatsApp, even those that you've deleted.

Without a doubt, the WhatsRemoved + application will be very useful to WhatsApp users who want to find out that their contacts have been deleted and this could lead to all kinds of reactions.

For example, the description of WhatsRemoved + creators reveals that an application has one of its functions to notify the user if it finds any changes by editing a notification or deleting a message using a file or an application. Something similar happens with Restore.

In turn, WAMR can also recover files deleted during a chat, such as images, videos, voices, animated gifs and brand new labels. It should be noted that this app is in the test phase, so its operation may sometimes be unstable.

Source: Clarín.

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