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How to Get a Treasure Trophy Resident Evil 2 Remake


If you are finished and you squeeze most of your games, we will now tell you how to get it Trophy / Achievement Treasure Hunt Resident Evil 2 Remake. , trophy / achievement that some players cheated …

Capcom's horrors of survival are full of details that may be overlooked in the first game. But don't worry, with us Resident Evil 2 Guide we will tell you how to get into the treasure trophy without any problems. Here's how to get it Trophy Treasure Hunt Resident Evil 2 Remake and that you do not escape.

Mr. X Resident Evil 2 Remake of kill survive

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Steps to Get a Treasure Trophy Resident Evil 2 Remake

Generally speaking, about Resident Evil 2 remake achievement / treasure trophy You have to find two hidden objects with photographic threads. To do this, you need to find the rolls.

To access the achievement, you must be in a sewer located under the police station. After receiving the T-valve, you need to go to the lift in the workroom to go downstairs. There, use the valve, climb up the elevator and continue to the top floor.

Take the roll of film on the table after leaving the lift. It's called "Hide and Search". Then it is important to give up and return to the police station for access dark room and discover the scrolling.

In doing so, we will discover two photos of places around the police station that are hiding collectibles. The location of the bottom photo is close to the development space, so let's start there.

Cazatesor trophy RE2

Go to the press room on the ground floor of the police station. There is a table with a sound system in the corner as shown in the photo. Open the drawer drawer that will vary depending on whether you are driving Claire or a Leon. We already have it.

The second picture shows S.T.A.R.S Office, on the west side of the second floor of the police station. Enter your private office and check that the lower drawer has a wooden box. It can be opened from the inventory screen and includes Claire SMG ammunition or Leon Lightning Hawk in the spotlight. With the two prizes collected, the trophy will automatically be unlocked.

Now you know what to do Trophy Treasure Hunt Resident Evil 2 Remake. If you want to know more about this spectacular horror of survival, don't forget to read ours Resident Evil 2 Remake Analysis and other guides like 14 things you need to know before you start playing Resident Evil 2 remake, all Resident Evil 2 weapons and weapons pieces (and where to find them), where are all fanny packs where to find all Raccoon numbers as unlock classic costumes to unlock Hunk and Tofu, all codes and keys for all safes, lockers and RE2 redesign mechanisms, all the benefits (or achievements) of finding Resident Evil 2, where to find all documents (Library Trophy), how to unlock all weapons with infinite ammunition How To Survive Mr. X You Can Kill Him How To Get S or S + Ranking (Tricks And Tips) Or How To See The Authentic End Of The Game (Umbrella Trophy With Holes).

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