Wednesday , February 24 2021

How to create a personal "sticker" for WhatsApp

The stickers have arrived at WhatsApp and are now available to everyone. The packages currently available are fairly limited, but as Telegram continues, more and more packages are available with different memes, although its installation method is still a bit tall and allows you to only save the label each time they are shared. chat.

The process for creating WhatsApp labels is very simple. You only need a collection of non-background images, that is, the typical PNGs commonly used for memes, or if you want to upload your own images, the photo editor to remove the wallpaper and give it a specific shape: PNG or ink with a maximum weight of 100 KB and 512×512 pixels in size, in addition to the one for a gallery with a maximum of 50 KB and 96 x 96 pixels.

It's time to turn it into a sticker using a set of images or a free image without a background and cropped to taste. In this step, you need a third-party program that generates the package and allows it to be transferred to WhatsApp. There are several applications for this task, but the simplest is WhatsApp personal stickers that are free in the Google store.

After downloading, the program requires access to the gallery to import images and display only those images without a background and have a suitable format to become labels. A link for importing label stickers to WhatsApp is generated.

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