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How to block your boss WhatsApp when you leave work and relieve stress

In social networking times, personal life can be changed Harassing posts from the workplacethat can cause some stress for some people. Fortunately, there are two possible solutions to avoid bosses during rest.

The first "trick" tends to download an application called "Block apps" what is available Google Play phones with the system Android. Lightweight and free, lets you set precise application blocking schedules. But it is not about "silence" applications just like that, but that they automatically work again at a certain time to avoid possible oblivion.

For example, it is possible to block WhatsApp throughout the afternoon and evening so that it automatically works the next morning, just when it arrives at work.

The second option is probably the simplest and most popular. Go to the menu "Settings" and "Application notifications" deactivate what is received by WhatsApp. Positive: Can be determined if it's individual and group chat. Negative: If you forget to reset them, you never know about the news.

If you have a mobile phone Google pixels With Android 9.0 You can also do this from "Settings", although you have to choose an option "Digital Welfare" or "Digital Welfare". You can block apps by entering "Dashboard" or "Dashboard" and selecting the maximum custom usage time in X hours and X minutes.

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