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Horror in Berne: They accuse them of rape their daughter in exchange for rent – 13/01/2019


A 15-year-old girl was rescued from Quilmes Dila after one of her teens denounced her life. According to the accusation the young woman was raped by the owner of the house in Bern, where her family lived, and her father.

According to the complaint, his mother had agreed with the owner that in this way the rent was eliminated. Three – mother, stepfather and house owner – were arrested. Sexual attacks would have spread for at least two years. Both men were charged with "sexual abuse with increased bodily access".According to police sources.

The home owner was identified as Juan Bautista Rotela Domínguez and is 46 years old. Paraguay's father is called Julián Agripino and is 65 years old. He is a bricklayer and retired.

The victim's mother is Ramona Perla and she is 37 years old. He is accused of a crime for "promoting and promoting prostitution".

It would be maliciously registered in a house where a 15-year-old girl lived with a couple in custody at 100 Neuquén Street in Bernal.

Case is Prosecutor Alejandro Ruggeri, Quilmes UFI No. 8 specializing in sexual crimes. The victim was left in the care of the Child Protection Zone in the city of Florencio Varela declared in the Gesell chamber.

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