Friday , October 22 2021

Hell a few meters from the obelisk Two dead, four …


@ The fire that took place on the 5th floor of Hotel Las Naciones, in the heart of Buenos Aires, caused the death of two women, but four people suffered severe burns, and another 42 had to be avoided and assisted in various health centers. A Venezuelan citizen living with his family on the fifteenth floor – the hotel is 27 – said PáginaI12 that "fire anxiety has never been a sound" and that he has heard of "neighbor screams". The man who was with his two younger children had to go to fifteen floors trying not to settle down because the smoke took up everything and was almost impossible to breathe. But Aldo Rojas, who lives on the 23rd floor, said the hotel "has a lack of VIP prostitution, drugs, and maintenance," the newspaper said with the city police.

The Hotel de las Naciones, Corriente and Esmeralda districts, in December 2014, two blocks from Obelisk, in December 2014, a powerful staff of the Prefecture of Naval, arrested 20 people who were accused of network liability at that time. VIP prostitution and human trafficking reporting. Roja, who is moving in a wheelchair, was able to leave the place without any harm, such as a Venezuelan citizen who spoke to this newspaper and had to flee with his two children. The man said that "the hotel has a lack of maintenance and there was another fire two months ago, which, fortunately, wasn't as serious as it was now."

A man who came to Argentina 11 months ago asked to keep his name in reserve. He said that after listening to the neighbor's screams, we went down with our two children, with many difficulties to breathe, as the windows surrounding the stairs were closed. No one caused an alarm, and when we passed the fifth floor (where the fire started), we saw the woman on her floor with her whole body. "The man was alone with his boys because his wife worked.

Due to the severity of the fire, Corrientes from Carlos Pellegrini to Maipú and Esmeralda from Lavalle to Sarmiento reduced car traffic. City police sources confirmed that a 55-year-old woman who had been taken to a hospital in Ramos Mejía had died as a result of the fire, while two men and two women with severe burns were hospitalized in intensive Argerich therapy with a reserved prognosis. During the rescue, police officer Roxana Trochel, who had come to the tower to cooperate in the operation, also died. Trochel was married, was 30 years old and had three children

Other people affected by smoke inhalation were transferred to various health centers, three – Argerich, nine – to Fernandez Hospital, ten adults to Penna, six adults and two minors to Rivadavia and two adults and six minors at Ramos Mejía Hospital. Another 60 affected were treated at the site. Firefighters confirmed that the fire started on the fifth floor and extended to the elevators and reached an area of ​​10 meters to 15. Until the last night the causes were not determined. The fire was extinguished quickly, but the smoke continued to affect the occupants of the building, which were completely evacuated.

The fire occurred on the fifth floor of the hotel. According to the witnesses, "something prevented people from going down". Smoke spread from the windows of the building when the guests asked for help.


Not only the hotel, but also the office suite. Federal police cooperated in evacuation of the territory.

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