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"He invited him to kill him," Bariloche's mother murdered

January 30, 2019

Marjala, the mother of Valery Coppa, explained that her daughter and ex had finished their relationship recently and said they were quoted by their cathedral to end their life.

killed a woman

The Valery Coppa femicide It struck the city of Bariloche. The woman was 40 years old killed by shots in the head at the door of Nahuel Huapi and the Cathedral of Our Lady The main suspect is your former partner, Mariano Cordi, who is currently a refugee and is wanted by the police in the big city of Patagonia.

Now, Mariela, The victim's mother offered chilling information about femicide. "The guy went straight to kill him, he programmed it, quoted him to kill him"he also confirmed that his daughter and former partner had recently completed their relationship and that he quoted their cathedral.

In addition, she explained that Valery had been working half a block away from where she was killed and that she had completed the shift in a few minutes before going to the place where she was shot.

main suspect
The police are intensely looking for Mariano Cordi, the defendant for femicide.

"You can see that they met there", Valery's mother said: "Obviously they had finished a while ago. A friend was entrusted to me. The man was very jealous.""

On Tuesday, 16, Coppa was shot in front of Bariloche Cathedral and then died in hospital. The police came to the scene thanks to an invitation to 911, who warned of the presence of a wounded person who apparently had left the bicycle on the sidewalk, a few meters away from the vicemire O & # 39; Connor Street.

However, as soon as the doctors arrived, they found it The head had a head wound. The woman was sent to Ramón Carrillo Zonal Hospital where she lost her life at midnight.

A woman was killed in the center of Bariloche

The victim, the mother of two minors, worked as a nurse in mental health care at the National Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family (SENNAF) in Rio Negro.

"At this point my daughter is in a cold morgue. Until yesterday I was alive, I left work and This plight killed me, killed me. "her mother said, tore her tears.

"I want you to find and blow in prison. I know my daughter doesn't return me. I will not listen to it anymore. I will no longer see it ", condemned the woman.

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