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He exuded his ex-wife to his children, and they calmed down their sorrows for the phrase she said during the attack

Brian Petrillán He turned his ex-wife five times to his children and left her inability to walk normally. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison for attempted femicide. But now the Chubuta Supreme Court reduced her: he says there was no intention to kill him.

In a resolution signed by Miguel Donet, Mario Vivas and Alejandro Panizzi, the Supreme Judicial Court withdrew confidence in an attempt to commit a femicide and re-categorized it as "Serious injuries caused by gender-based violence". With this modification The penalty will be from 3 to 10 years, as decided at a new hearing.

The judges accepted the arguments put forward by Custodio Gómez, a national defender, who claimed that "Gallegos had been diverted into directions that indicated that her intention was to hurt him, not kill her." It would be different if the pillar was diverted from the neck or chest. "

But the most striking thing about the ruling is the interpretation that ministers made of the sentence that a man spoke at the time of the attack. Is she, as recorded in the case file, told the woman Petriljan? "You will remember me". Judges appreciate these words. They recognized it "an attitude taken by the author at the time of the event, which did not develop until he took his life, but said that he would remember her."

It was also to the court that he did not plan to kill one in a room in which there was a minor seen by Petrillan who was able to announce an attack or request assistance and that the defendant arrested an attack without the activities or activities of a third party. "

The fact was that justice was being analyzed June 11, 2016, when Juan Braian Petrillán went to the address Erika Gallego, who sleeps in his house with his youngest children. According to the Chubut prosecutor's office, he has won the door and exaggerated five pads, "causing such severity of injury, causing significant loss of blood," the ruling said.

The aggression took place in front of their children. He was even one of the little ones who left the house and warned his grandmother about what had happened. The woman discovered that "the children are groaning and her daughter is in a crowd of blood, so she was immediately transferred to the hospital," the case says. Gallegos suffered a "serious commitment to life", while injuries prevented him from walking. His attacker was another success, and now he will benefit from a reduction in the penalty.

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